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Select or Develop Materials and Tools

We offer a multitude of information related to instructional materials and technology tools. Below, we detail some of these options at an introductory level, offering links to learn more. 

Selecting Instructional Materials  – Want to get our take on what to consider when reviewing materials? Want to get assistance thinking about how to find instructional materials? Read on. 

Open Educational Resources – If you have an interest in “open” materials, which can often be used and adapted for free, talk to us. There are repositories out there full of open materials, which are often created through thoughtful processes, just like materials with a traditional copyright, with many being peer-reviewed. 

Graphics, Slides, and Posters – If you want to create or enhance visual elements for your course, we can assist with that, too. We know many places to find images and templates and we can create custom items like infographics and poster presentations, too.  

Multimedia – Whether you’d like assistance from our Production Studio to create audio/video or you’d like to go DIY in our Video Maker Space or with other self-production tools, we can point you in the direction of some helpful tools and tips. 

Accessibility – It's always good to keep in mind that many learners will need to access your products, including those with concerns related to hearing, vision, mobility, learning, neurodiversity, and so on. This page will help you consider key items to broaden the accessibility of your instructional materials such as documents, videos, and slides. 

Copyright Law – If you have questions about what you can and can’t use, this is the place. 

Instructional Technologies – We offer many instructional technologies for educators and learners, ranging from the Blackboard Learning Management System to the WebEx synchronous collaboration platform to Respondus Monitor for remote test takers. Learn more about each and how to thoughtfully incorporate them through this link.