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The Comprehensive Course Calendar

One important aspect of the learner-centered syllabus is a comprehensive calendar of course activities and assignments, class themes, and helpful tips for success. Not surprising, the course calendar is the most visited area on the syllabus and the section that learners often find most useful. With this in mind, the course calendar should include as much information as possible that students, as co-learners, should know: topics/themes, readings, due dates, institutional dates (e.g., drop, add) and holidays (including those not acknowledged by the university (e.g., Ramadan)), and additional tips to help students be successful. Consider the below example calendar from a learner-centered syllabus: 

Course Calendar 

Obviously, the below calendar was constructed well before the start of the semester. Therefore, keep in mind that dates, details, etc. may shift to accommodate unforeseen issues.  Calendar adjustments will be announced in class, posted on the announcement page of our Blackboard shell, and disseminated via email.  

HQG= Hall, Quinn & Gollnick (authors of our course textbook) 
WC=Writing Center

(complete before class)
Tips to be successful and other miscellaneous details
M, 9/9
Teacher vs. Educator

HQG: Ch 1

Sackstein, “Teacher vs. Educator: Which are You?”

From Ch 1 of HQG, focus specifically on the sections titled, “Understanding and Using Evidence” and “Culturally Relevant Teaching Strategies.” 
W, 9/11 
Ethics and values in teaching

HQG: Ch 7 and 14

*Last week to drop class 

*Review sample essay posted in Week 1 of our BB shell to prepare for paper. 

*Recommendation: take your rough draft to the WC before Day 7.
M, 9/16 

Historic school models and implications for future teaching

Note: Last day to drop this class!
HQG: Ch 6 and Ch 16
From Ch 6, analyze the teacher interview and be ready to discuss your impressions. 

Essay #1 due - refer to assignment requirements before submissions - last chance to edit, refine, and make your paper shine like new money!