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Adjusting and Achieving with Emerging Teaching Methods

Videos with viewing guides

Engage with the content from this successful webinar series, on demand! Toward connecting with students in remote and face-to-face learning environments (and everything in between), these videos encourage viewers to consider and celebrate elements of their teaching practice while outlining current research and experience-based strategies to streamline and enhance others.  Whether you choose to engage with these videos as a coordinated 5-part series or as stand-alone topic-based troubleshooting tools, you’ll be glad you did!

We hope that you enjoy these video-on-demand adaptations of our Adjusting and Achieving With Emerging Teaching Methods Signature Series. Due to the in-depth nature of the topics covered in each video, the running times are slightly longer than typically recommended.  As such, please use the attached Viewing Guides as a resource to accommodate this extended length and complement the content that we cover.

  • Ask yourself “What can I adjust, to achieve a sustainable semester?” in the Starting and Sustaining the Semester video (14:19) and viewing guide (CMICH Login Required).
  • Consider how you might best position your students and your content so that learning can happen, wherever you (or your students) are in the Converting and Covering Content Part 1 (15:45) and Part 2 (17:57) videos and viewing guide (CMICH Login Required).
  • See how planning, communication, and a splash of creativity can take the “AHH!” out of assessing student learning, in the All About Assessments video (11:05) and viewing guide (CMICH Login Required).
  • Engage to enhance learning, and connect to build relationships during the Fostering Class“room” Community video (20:04) and viewing guide (CMICH Login Required).
  • Prioritize equity to center on learning in the Equitable Learning-Centered Experiences video (10:07) and viewing guide (CMICH Login Required).