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Financial Reporting for Grants and Contracts

​​​Submission of financial reports are the responsibility of the Grant Accounting Office (GAO), unless otherwise stated in a grant or contract agreement.

SAP is recognized as CMU’s official financial system. The GAO reviews SAP for expenses charged to the General Ledger accounts in order to complete the financial report per project requirements and restrictions. In the event the GAO needs clarification or assistance (such as grouping of expenses, copies of invoices, travel voucher, etc.) with the sponsor’s requirements, the departmental administrator will be contacted.

All requests for financial information by the Sponsor/Third party will need to be forwarded to the GAO. Submission of financial reports without prior approval of the GAO may result in reporting incorrect information to the agency. The grant accountant may make an exception to the submission process on a case-by-case basis. In either case, the financial report may only be submitted after the grant accountant reviews and approves it. All copies of the financial reports will be filed with the GAO.​