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General Ledger Transfers for Grant Accounting

​​​Transfer GLs are broken into several sections. Transfer codes are to be used only within each section. They should not cross sections. For example, never use a mandatory transfer code on one side of the transaction and a facility transfer code on the other side of the transaction.

Mandatory transfers

Mandatory transfer codes are to be used when we are required by a third party to provide funds; for example, required matching on grants, transfers to cover debt payments and mandatory matching on financial aid and/or loans. Mandatory transfer codes should not be used when funding a deficit on a grant.

Facility transfers

Facility transfer codes are to be used when one of the two cost centers involved is a plant fund account, 7XXXX.

Other transfers

Other transfers are to be used when none of the other circumstances fit the situation.

Indirect cost transfers

Indirect cost transfer codes are to be used whenever we are booking indirect cost expenditures and revenues. While we are giving the indirect cost revenues we have collected from grants to another department, the original revenue typically comes from a granting agency. The grant agency revenue is counted as new money to the university. The collection of the indirect cost revenue from the grant to the university cc is not new money to the university and therefore is recorded using transfer codes for easy elimination.

Intra-fund transfers

Intra-fund transfer GLs are to be used when transferring funds between cost centers in the same business area for example between two general fund cost centers or between two designated fund cost centers.

Faculty salary/benefits to teach in other departments

Faculty salary/benefits are to be used by faculty personnel for faculty teaching in other departments.

Third-party and in-kind transfers

Third-party and in-kind transfer GLs are to be used only for recording those types of transactions. We use transfer codes because those codes are eliminated for financial reporting purposes. DO NOT use transfer codes on Custodial cost centers.