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Important Year-End Dates

2023 Fiscal Year-End dates to remember

​​NOTE: Please allow approximately 3 days for documents being sent via campus mail; or, hand deliver or park documents to ensure receipt by cut-off dates/times.

April 28 - Begin assigning FY to requisitions

Indicate the FY (current or next) to charge the requisition’s expense against. Call Contracting and Purchasing Services at 3118 with questions.​

May 12 - Cutoff for POs

POs anticipated to exceed $25,000 must be submitted online to Purchasing (WA 301) by 5:00 p.m. to guarantee being charged to the current fiscal year. Call Contracting and Purchasing Services at 3118 with questions.

June 9 - Cutoff for business expense reimbursements

Vouchers must be to the Payroll/Travel Office- (WA 204) by 5:00 p.m. to be charged to the current fiscal year. Call Glen Parker in Payroll/Travel at extension 3525 with questions.

June 9 - Cutoff date for invoice vouchers

Invoice vouchers or vendor invoices that must be processed before July 1 must be received in Payable Accounting (WA 302) by 5:00 p.m. to be charged to the current fiscal year. Call Payable Accounting at extension 3523 ​with questions.

June 26 - Cutoff date for CMU Business Credit Cards

Charges posted to your credit card account on or before this date will be charged in the current fiscal year. Anything posted to your credit card account after this date will be in the new fiscal year. Allow at least 5 days for all purchases to be processed. Call Payroll and Travel Services at extension 3797 with questions.

June 30 - Open commitments will be rolled on this date

Open commitments are the purchase orders in department cost center(s) committing funds for which supplies or equipment have not been paid or received. The roll moves open items to the new fiscal year. You will not be able to see these items in the old fiscal year once they have been rolled. However, we will have a file containing the commitments that existed in the cost centers as of the above roll date on the Controller's website by July 6. Call Tricia Cotter in Accounting Services at extension 7360 with questions. 

Noon on July 11 - Cutoff for parked documents

Each department must have all documents parked in SAP for Accounting Services by this date if it wants them processed in the year ending June 30. Please indicate the fiscal year in the document header text of the parked document submitted before the year-end close to make sure they are posted to the correct fiscal year. Call Accounting Services at extension 3707 with questions. 

5:00 p.m. on July 17 - Close fiscal year

NOTE: This is a projected date that is subject to change. Check the SAP Month-End Close Dates page for updates.

The majority of all transactions will be processed to department cost centers by this date. Some year-end work-study charge-backs and adjusting entries may be processed by Accounting Services after this date. Each department will see its matching share of work-study shown as a credit to revenue and a debit to expense. The work-study charge-back has a net zero effect. Departments can view and print reports at this time but must remember that there could be some other miscellaneous items processed after this date. Call Accounting Services at extension 3707 with questions. 

July 31 - Target date for posting the new 2023-2024 budget

This date depends on when the State appropriations and tuition and fees are approved. Call Financial Planning and Budgets at extension 7378 with questions. ​