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Moving and Delivery

CMU Moving and Delivery is the university’s internal moving company.

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Popular forms

Moving and Delivery will move a single file cabinet to a new location in the same room, or an entire department from one building to another building across campus.
Moving Request Form
If you have already moved a CMU-tagged asset yourself, please notify Fixed Assets using the form below so we can update the appropriate inventory reports.
Notice of Moved Assets Form

How Moving and Delivery can help

Construction and remodeling

When planning remodeling (painting, carpet, new furniture, etc.) or construction projects do not forget that your existing furnishings and equipment may need to be moved. Please include Moving and Delivery in the early planning stages of your project. Getting Moving and Delivery involved earlier in your project planning will be critical in establishing an accurate schedule and cost estimate. We look forward to working with you to make your projects successful!​

Special events

If you are planning a special event and will need moving-related services for equipment or other goods please contact Moving and Delivery at least 2 weeks prior to your event. Advanced notice of your event will help to ensure the availability of staff and equipment to make your event a success.

Off-campus moving services

Moving and Delivery also offers an off-campus transport service. This service may require a service fee to cover fuel, time and materials.

Moving tips

Creating a moving plan and properly preparing for your move is the best way to avoid panic, frustration, and interrupted service to your customers. The moving tips below will help you get started.

Pre-move planning

  • Create a list of Faculty/ Staff members and room numbers to be moved.
  • Create a moving/ packing to-do list and prioritize items according to their impact on customer service.
  • Take an Inventory of your Items to be moved.
  • Discard unnecessary or unwanted items prior to moving.
  • Identify special moving needs (heavy or sensitive equipment); communicate these special needs ASAP.
  • Identify highly valuable or theft-prone items and arrange for security concerns.
  • Filing cabinets must be emptied and contents boxed.
  • Kitchenette items must be packed.
  • Plants must be packed.
  • Artwork, plaques, reception areas, common and graduate student areas must be packed.
  • Items should be packed in containers or boxes that are completely closed or sealed. Banker’s boxes or standard paper boxes with lids are preferred. Each box should be of reasonable size and in good condition.
  • Moving supplies are the responsibility of the individual departments. A variety of moving supplies may be purchased from University Stores.
  • Each box or container must be labeled to identify your department’s belongings. This label should contain the following information:

Department name
Owner's name
Building and room number at new location

  • Labels should be placed on the End and Side of each box, this allows for quick identification and the most efficient organization when boxes are stacked on top of each other. (Please, no sticky notes. They fall off easily.)
  • Prior to your department’s scheduled move date follow up with all staff members to ensure that all areas are ready for the move. If any area is not packed completely, take the necessary steps to ready it for the move.

During the move

  • Make sure that your staff is informed regarding the expected move timeline.
  • Start date, expected completion date, expected staff involvement and work schedule.
  • Establish contact persons both at the new office and old office to relay questions and make decisions during the move.
  • Document and communicate changes to the moving schedule should they become necessary.
  • Evaluate the telephone and point-of-service change over dates. Make sure that expected transitions occur as planned.
  • Assign a department “Lost and Found” area for items that have been mislabeled or have had labels removed.
  • Assign persons to pick up, organize, and discard containers and packaging materials, as they are unpacked so that entryways and office areas do not become cluttered.

After the move

  • Check in with each individual in your department to see if all aspects of their new workspace are functioning properly: telephone, computer network access, lights, air condition/ heat, work surface heights, chairs, drawers, etc. Urge your staff to follow up on issues or concerns quickly.
  • Check in with each staff member to see if all items have arrived in their new workspace as expected. If items are missing, identify what they are and start the process of tracking them down. Check the lost and found area.
  • Set a firm date when all business is to be concluded at the old office location.
  • Collect all old keys from the previous location or office and make sure that everyone has new building keys.

Moving tote kits

All Moving Totes (Tyga Box Systems) are owned by CMU Moving and Delivery and are lent to other CMU departments as required for their moving projects.

Tote kit contentsQuantity
Totes5 each
File rails10 each
Four-wheel dolly1 each


All Moving Tote Kits are to be returned to CMU Moving and Delivery as soon as possible after your moving project is complete. The return of all equipment is expected in clean, reasonable, working condition within 14 days after your move date. Rental Charges will result if equipment is not returned on a timely basis. The rental rate for each tote kit is $20.00 per week, for each week that the equipment remains in your possession. Totes must be empty, clean, and in an accessible area for pick-up to avoid rental charges.

Replacement Charges will result if the equipment is not returned on a timely basis or if the equipment is broken, missing or not returned. The charges will be billed to the cost center specified in the original submitted Moving Request (see replacement charges below).

Kit itemReplacement charge
Tote$65.00 each
File rail$5.00 each
Four-wheel dolly$75.00 each
Tote cleaning$5.00 each


Additional tote kit information

Frequently asked moving questions

    Fill out the form completely with all required information.

    List all items to be moved (i.e. 2 chairs, 1 table, or 2 complete workstations).

    In the Comments Section of the form, put any additional information that may be helpful to our staff when scheduling your move (i.e. special room access required, the times that the room should not be disturbed because of classes or meetings, or just to give a better description of the work that is required).

    When you have completely filled in the form scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Submit button. The form will immediately be sent to Moving and Delivery. If you do not receive an acknowledgment immediately upon submission, your moving request was not successfully submitted. Please call 774-3917 if you have problems submitting moving requests.

    NOTE: If there is a problem completing your moving request on the day that you have requested, our staff will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

    Anytime you want anything moved from Point A to Point B, you need to submit a Moving Request. If submitting a request for large department moves, you should contact us in advance to allow as much time as possible for scheduling and planning. This advance notice will allow us to reserve the staff and equipment necessary to complete the move. Large moves (multiple offices and equipment) should be requested at least 3 weeks in advance.

    Once you submit the moving request form successfully, you will receive an email acknowledgment with your specific Moving Request number. Each Moving Request is logged into our job tracking system and allows us to track all the moving work completed at CMU. Please print your acknowledgment for later reference.

    In most cases, there is no charge for our moving services. If Moving and Delivery personnel are required to work outside of normal business hours (overtime), the customer will be charged for the labor expenses associated with the work. Prior to any overtime work being started, the customer will be consulted for approval.

    Totes are requested by filling out a Moving Request form. The number of totes required for your move can vary greatly. A typical 5-drawer standard file cabinet can be packed in one Moving Tote Kit. For help calculating the required number of Moving Tote Kits needed for your project, contact our office at 989-774-3917.

    Specifying a return date for the pickup of totes from your location is easily accomplished when you submit your initial Moving request. The Moving Request form includes both a date for delivery of totes prior to the move and a date for the pickup of the totes once the move is complete. Pre‐planning is essential for any successful move. Unpacking can be a challenge, but it is vital to the overall success of your move. Communicate with staff in your department so that coordination of schedules can be achieved.