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Central Receiving handles all incoming supplies, equipment and freight purchased on CMU purchase orders. Central Receiving also assists departments with the return to vendor of items that were bought on a purchase order (PO). Departments should work with Central Receiving on all PO-related returns to ensure that the correct returned goods procedure is followed. Additionally, our staff is here to help with Freight Claim Filing, and general freight or shipping questions.

Central Receiving also affixes equipment inventory tags to CMU-owned equipment for property management and inventory tracking purposes.

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Damaged shipment

Central Receiving plays a leading role in handling damaged shipments and processing freight damage claims for all items arriving at our dock. Contact us for information regarding the standard requirements for filing a freight claim, the required documentation and standard timelines.

Damaged shipments generally fall into two categories:

  1. Obvious Damage – the shipping container and item are visibly harmed.
  2. Concealed Damage – the shipping container is in good condition however the items inside are harmed.

In both types of damage, a quick response time and good documentation is necessary for filing a successful claim. Concealed damage freight claims can be much more difficult to successfully process.

Empty containers or item shortages should be treated the same as damaged goods and a freight claim should be filed with the carrier.

Call if we can be of assistance: (989) 774-3917.


The Warehouse staff performs a variety of delivery services. These delivery services include the following:

  • Freight
  • University Stores Supplies
  • United Parcel Service & Federal Express packages
  • U.S. Mail

Direct deliveries

Did you know that you can speed up the delivery process if you have your packages addressed correctly? If you make a purchase using a CMU Procurement Card, please have the vendor label your package correctly. Do not include Central Receiving or the package will be delivered to Central Receiving. The address format should follow this example:

Department Name
Attn: specific person or program
Building Room Number
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Proof of delivery

Central Receiving keeps on file all purchase order-related packing slips or other receiving documents to establish proof of delivery. CMU Delivery staff require a signature whenever they make a delivery to your department as part of our documentation process. Departments may request a copy of their packing slip.

Deliveries to Central Receiving

​Purchase order items delivered directly to a CMU department require the department to complete and submit a direct delivery form​ to Central Receiving (login required). This is important for the following reasons:

  1. Goods received and goods returned can be properly recorded and tracked.
  2. Ensures that the department cost center is properly charged or credited.

Items delivered directly to your department

  • Please enter information in all required (bold) fields.
  • Once all required information has been completed, scroll to the bottom of the form and click on the Submit button. This will send your completed form to Central Receiving. You should receive a numbered email confirmation letting you know that Central Receiving has received your submitted direct delivery form.
  • If you do not get a numbered email confirmation, then your form was not received correctly and you may have to re-submit your information.
  • If you have any other questions regarding direct delivery, please call Contracting and Purchasing Services at (989) 774-3118.

Return merchandise procedure

Furniture assembly

Central Receiving's staff will assemble most purchase order furniture items. Assembly may take place at the warehouse area of Central Receiving or on site depending upon the scope of the project.

Our professional staff is fully trained to install Steelcase System Furniture and supporting accessories. Furniture installations may require departments to pay a time and material charge. Your department will be notified if a charge for the installation is required. An estimate for the project cost will also be provided to you prior to any installation work being started.

When planning a remodeling project, new construction or large volume furniture purchase please take time to determine where your new furniture can be stored, should project timelines not be met. Central Receiving has limited warehouse space so your furniture shipment may need to be delayed or an alternate storage location will be needed.

Receiving facility

The Receiving Facility is located on East Campus Drive. The Facility is equipped to handle tractor-trailer carriers (i.e. freight), small package carriers (i.e. UPS), and local vendor traffic. The two (2) dock areas, material handling equipment and professional staff provide efficient loading, off-loading, staging, assembly and delivery activities.

Map to Receiving

Receiving (off-loading)

Central Receiving should be notified, at the time of purchase, of all shipments that may require special handling. Some examples of special handling include large volume purchases, purchases requiring assembly work, chemical or live material purchases, sensitive equipment purchases, and express delivery of building-specific delivery requirements.

NPO purchases

One of the most common errors made is not having the vendor label (i.e. Address) on the package correctly. Packages displaying your department name and building room number will speed the delivery process.


Central Receiving can handle the majority of your shipping needs. The most common shipping function is the return of purchased items. Departments may handle their own returns and/or have the option of utilizing the Purchasing Department's services for this function. Please call University Stores at (989) 774-3917 with questions concerning the necessary procedures required for the pick-up of goods, packaging, labeling and shipping instructions.

Frequently asked questions

    Normally, small orders are delivered within two business days after they are received. Large freight items, tagged equipment, furniture, and specialty items will be processed and delivered as quickly as possible. Our goal is to pass items through Central Receiving to campus Departments quickly and efficiently. Call (989) 774-6535 if you have any questions.

    All express packages received at Central Receiving will be delivered on the same business day. Your package should arrive in the late afternoon. If you need your shipment before this contact us at (989) 774-6535 for special arrangements.

    If your shipment has hidden freight damage you should contact the supplier immediately so that they are aware of the problem and so that the return goods process can be started. In addition, you may want to contact the Purchasing Services office (989) 774-3018 so that they can work with you and the supplier to ensure that the proper replacement items are sent.

    Central Receiving may also be able to provide assistance regarding the process required for filing damage claims. Contact us if we can be of assistance at (989) 774-3917.

    If your purchase order items are delivered directly to your department without passing through Central Receiving you should inspect the delivery very carefully and then contact Central Receiving.

    This notification should be done using the Direct Delivery Form. Please fill the form out completely and accurately and then submit it online. This information will allow Central Receiving to "Receive" your items on the SAP system and close out your purchase order. This process will allow timely payment to be made to the supplier.

    If you do not use the Direct Delivery Form you will need to notify Central Receiving of the following information via email. Please send the information to

    - purchase order number
    - department name
    - contact person
    - phone number
    - items received with full description

    If you have questions, please call (989) 774-3917.