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Tax Information and Resources

Find information about accessing electronic W2 and 1095C tax forms, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about digital tax forms, W-4 forms, and taxable tuition.

Electronic tax forms

The benefits of receiving your tax forms electronically include: 

  • Electronic tax forms can be accessed on CentralLink weeks prior to the paper copies being mailed.
  • Paper copies can get lost, delayed, or misplaced. Electronic tax forms eliminate this from occurring.
  • Employee tax form data is protected by multiple levels of security. Your global ID and password are needed to access it.
  • Once consent is given, employees will have the ability to access tax forms from prior years.​

Access Electronic Tax Forms

Frequently asked questions about electronic tax forms

    You can consent to receive your tax form(s) electronically using the link below (Cmich login required). 

    NOTE: When you consent to receive a tax form electronically, your W-2 and/or 1095-C form(s) will NOT be mailed to you.

    Access Electronic Tax Forms

    An email will be sent to you prior to January 31st of each year to inform you that your tax forms are available to view/print via CentralLink. Notices will also be posted on CentralLink when they are available.

    If you have consented to receive your tax forms electronically, you can withdraw consent by sending a written notice to

    Payroll and Travel Services
    204 Warriner Hall
    Mount Pleasant, MI

    Yes, the tax forms comply with all IRS regulations required for use in filing your income tax return. Generally, if you file electronically. you do not need paper tax forms. If you file a paper return, you can print your tax forms from CentalLink.​

    Yes, current employees can access their tax forms for the current year, plus 3 prior years.

    Yes, in most cases tax forms for terminated or retired employees can be viewed online. Contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk for assistance.

    Contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk for assistance with technical difficulties related to printing.