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Policies and Best Practices 

Financial responsibility agreement

Request an exception to release transcript with hold policy

The Student Account Services and University Billing Office (SASUB) maintains a transcript hold on all accounts that have a past-due balance greater than $0.00. This hold prevents students from receiving both official and unofficial transcripts.

An exception to this policy is granted in situations when a transcript is required for employment purposes and scholarship verification. Documentation will be required to substantiate the transcript requirement. CMU will only send the transcript directly to the requesting employer or organization.

Please email for more information. 

Prepayment hold and suspension of charging privileges policy

Central Michigan University’s late fee policy reserves the right to drop students from future classes and to suspend student account charging privileges at any time due to a past-due balance or other warranted activity. The charging privileges include but are not limited to meal plan and flex dollars, computer lab, printing allocation, bookstore, library, telecom and cellular services, access to the Student Activity Center and other recreation usage. The hold is applied and monitored by the Student Account Services and University Billing Office (SASUB).

Prepayment hold for course registration

A prepayment hold is applied to all accounts whose balance is past due 4 months or longer.  If the student is currently enrolled, a financial discussion with a Student Service Advisor may result in the removal of the hold. Student Service Advisors are located in our OneCentral location, Bovee UC 119. For all accounts that have been referred to outside collection agencies, the hold will remain permanently. The student is required to prepay for the associated tuition prior to enrolling in future courses.  Future financial aid eligibility may be considered in removing the hold. To have the hold removed, the student must meet with a Student Service Advisor to review their past financial history and determine the dollar amount required to be prepaid or if their anticipated financial aid is enough to cover the future charges. The student may be required to enroll in only one semester at a time to allow for review of student account and financial aid status. The prepayment hold may also be applied to student accounts due to returned bank payments, fraudulent activity, or other reasons not in keeping with the CMU Student Conduct standards.

Temporary and permanent suspension of charging privileges

Student Account Services may also apply, at its discretion, the hold on currently enrolled student accounts if it is determined that they are abusing their charging privileges. For example, excessive charging of flex dollars or bookstore charges that are not being paid by the due date. A current student may be limited to only charging flex dollars, required books and supplies to their account up until their financial aid disburses with no additional charging privileges until the next semester.

Other campus departments such as Connect CMU, University Bookstore, and CentralCard Office may apply a permanent charging hold on student accounts that have been referred to an outside collection agency. The department may deny service or require the student to verify their financial aid prior to charging only required books and supplies for all future enrolled semesters.

Permanent Suspension holds are also placed on student accounts for extenuating circumstances, such as returned bank payments, credit card fraud, inability to pay the balance, account in continued past due status, excessive use of charging privileges, purchase of multiple items to resale and other unusual or illegal activity.