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Pow wow Winners

A young Native American boy in traditional regalia looks at his parent who is also in multicolored regalia.2023 Pow wow winners

Each year, the Annual Celebrating Life Pow wow at CMU brings people from all over the country to dance, celebrate and be in community. Congratulations to all of the winners who work hard and travel to perform at our annual event. Chi-Miigwech!

First Place: Celina Cada-Matasawagon

Second Place: Faith Carmona-Pego

Third Place: Dawn Shenoskey

First Place: Mike Dashner

Second Place: Stacey Kicknosway

Third Place: Jeff Keeble

First Place: Tashena McCabe

Second Place: Krystal Bigsky

Third Place: Ashley Rave

First Place: Daija Shinos

Second Place: Kianna White

Third Place: Wassay Two Thunders

First Place: Miigwaans Smith

Second Place: Lisa Hill

Third Place: Nicole Dashner

First Place: Noodin Shawanda

Second Place: Joseph Syrette

Third Place: DJ Scott

First Place: Desmond Madera

Second Place: Miisheen Shawnada

Third Place: CJ Lasley

First Place: Buster Cleveland

Second Place: Ascension Harjo

Third Place: Dawson Grignon

First Place: E. Stevens

Second Place: A. Trudeau

Third Place: Z. Meshkowzii-Traver

First Place: N. Robinson

Second Place: M. Soney

Third Place: H. Stevens

First Place: K. Henry

Second Place: A. Anderson

Third Place: H. Pinnance

First Place: F. Delabreau

Second Place: J. Gould

Third Place: G. Webkamigad

First Place: W. Temoke

Second Place: L. Wakemup

Third Place: J. Jackson

First Place: C. Day-Bedeau

Second Place: D. Connor

Third Place: W. Shawana

First Place: M. Cottrelle

Second Place: I. Robinson

Third Place: M. Pego

First Place: D. Connor

Second Place: M. Plain

Third Place: W. Pego

First Place: S. Syrette

Second Place: L. Bigsky Klein

Third Place: A. Guerrero

First Place: D. Connor

Second Place: A. Bigsky Klein

Third Place: S. Meshkowzii-Traver

First Place: A. Prout

Second Place: D. Temoke

Third Place: J. Williams

First Place: A. Anderson

Second Place: S. Leaureaux

First Place: Young Enemy

Second Place: Goodfellas

Third Place: Under the Pines

First Place: Young Enemy

Second Place: Leaky Spirit

Third Place: Malakai Daybutch