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Graduate Assistantships

Get valuable training and experience in your field. A graduate assistantship at Central Michigan University offers a stipend, a tuition waiver, and a head start in the job market.

Earn while you learn

A GA position gives you the opportunity to work in a higher education setting in exchange for a stipend and tuition waiver. As a GA you might teach, research, and/or perform administrative tasks, depending on your experience and your department’s needs.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a GA position, you must be admitted to Graduate Studies. Concurrent or accelerated students require special permission from the Director of Graduate Studies. Your department may have additional hiring criteria.

A GA position requires a minimum enrollment of 6 graduate credit hours for a fall or spring position and at 1 graduate credit hour for a summer position.

How do I apply?

Contact the program you’re interested in working for.

Find my Program

How much is the stipend?

Stipends for individual graduate assistants are determined by your department or college. They are prorated if you are appointed less than full time or for less than an entire academic year.

What does my tuition waiver cover?

The number of credit hours covered by the tuition waiver benefit depends on your appointment. The waiver may be applied to courses taken during the semester of the assistantship through the subsequent summer sessions. The tuition waiver benefit pays tuition at the on-campus rate only.

GA's are classified as Michigan residents for the purpose of determining CMU tuition rates. How long this classification remains in effect depends on your degree.

Will my earnings affect my financial aid?

Earnings from GA positions are not counted as financial aid for purposes of qualifying for guaranteed student loans. But your earnings are considered employment resources to apply against the need for other financial aid programs.

For more information on graduate assistant employment and benefits, visit the Faculty Personnel Services website.

Cost and financial aid

We’re committed to helping you afford an outstanding graduate education.

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