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Animal Research Occupational Health

Animal research occupational health participation

All individuals with FOB/Key/Badge access to an animal facility on campus and all Principal Investigators who oversee animal research projects must participate in the Animal Research Occupational Health Program and shall complete the following steps:

  1. Review the risks associated with the anticipated work with the PI or immediate supervisor. Helpful hint for PIs and animal users:  The AHHS and Chemical Hygiene Plan ("CHP," Laboratory Safety Policy) requires a discussion of the potential risks encountered in research.  Save time and have a single discussion about the risks of working in the lab and working with animals, then complete the Lab Safety Training Form (found in Appendix I of the Chemical Hygiene Plan).
  2. Review animal allergen information sheets (Aquatic Animals and Rodents).
  3. Complete the Medical Questionnaire provided by OLFS.
  4. Return the Medical Questionnaire to McLaren COMP via email to Tammi Smith.  Do not copy your Supervisor or OLFS, since the Medical Questionnaire contains your private, confidential health information.
  5. The occupational health provider will review your Medical Questionnaire and determine if it is safe for you to work with animals without restrictions or if it is safe for you to work with animals with restrictions, which is typically N95 respiratory protection, or possibly contact precautions to protect your skin.  The medical opinion and specified restrictions will be given to you.  
  6. If the occupational health provider requires additional information or testing, they will contact you for an in-person appointment.  If it is determined that a respirator is required, OLFS will contact you to arrange respirator fit testing and training.
  7. The Medical Questionnaire must be completed yearly or when your duties/risks change.  Failure to complete and submit the questionnaire promptly will result in losing access to the animal facility until the process is complete.

Individuals without FOB/Key/Badge access to animal facilities, who will be accessing the facility on an infrequent basis and will be escorted while in the space(s), will comply with the Vivaria Access:  Visitors Policy.  These individuals may choose to complete a medical questionnaire and participate in the program.  Facilities Management (FM) and other ancillary support entities with animal facility access but whose use is limited/infrequent may also request a medical questionnaire and participate in the program.   Contact OLFS for further information.