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Drop and Withdrawal Information

Learn more about Central Michigan University's drop and withdrawal procedures, including extenuating circumstances.

Dropping courses

Dropping or withdrawing from a course could have a major impact. Before deciding, we strongly advise you to contact the appropriate departments to assist you in making the best decision for your individual circumstances.

  • Financial Aid - One Central 989-774-3618
  • Military Benefits - Veteran Resource Center 989-774-7991
  • Athletic Eligibility - Contact Athletic Advisor
  • Academic Advising - 989-774-7506

You must drop a course before the published drop deadline in Course Search & Registration. Courses dropped will be removed from your academic history and tuition will be adjusted to reflect a 100% cancelation of tuition charges.

For CMU Online courses, you must DROP a course if you plan to stop attending before the course starts, before the 2nd meeting time for face-to-face courses, or before the 2nd week of classes for an online course. View all deadlines in your Course Search & Registration. For more information about dropping or withdrawing from an online course, visit the CMU Online Academic Calendar

Individual course withdrawal

After the drop deadline has passed, you may still have the option to withdraw from a course if you do so before the published withdrawal deadline. To withdraw means the course will be graded with a "W." A course with a grade of "W" does not factor into your GPA. There may or may not be a cancelation of tuition charges as noted below.

Instructors will be notified of the course withdrawal. In cases involving academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the Registrar's Office to reinstate the course and the instructor will submit the final grade.


  • Main Campus Courses - There are no refunds for individual course withdrawals, after the drop deadline.
  • CMU Online Courses - Depending on the deadline, individual course withdrawals may receive a percentage refund.


Effective Spring 2024 -  A non-refundable $50 withdrawal fee for each course will be assessed beginning on January 15, 2024.

    Offset Policy

    During the 10th through the 25th calendar day from the official start date of a semester, students are permitted to offset equal credits and course fees with the recommendation of academic advisors and academic department chairs. Students must meet all the academic standards for the new course or have an approved exception. For credits or fees added more than credits dropped, additional tuition and fees must be paid. Likewise, any offset resulting in a lower tuition and fee charge will be credited to the student’s account if applicable. 

    Refer to the complete Offset Policy.

     Offset Policy

    Complete semester withdrawal

    Students withdraw from all courses via the Course Search and Registration tool.

    Instructors will be notified of the course withdrawal. in cases involving academic dishonesty, the instructor will notify the Registrar's Office to reinstate the course and the instructor will submit the final grade.

    If the withdrawal deadline has passed, students need to contact:

    No student may withdraw from any courses during the week preceding the final exam week.

    Important  -  Effective Spring 2024A non-refundable $50 withdrawal fee for each course will be assessed.

    Extenuating circumstances

      *Effective Fall 2023 - All appeals must be submitted no later than September 30th for the previous Fall, Spring, and/or Summer semesters.

      Under unusual circumstances, you may submit an appeal to the Registrar's Office. The unforeseen circumstances MUST have prevented you from dropping or withdrawing BEFORE the published deadline of the course.

      Supporting documentation for any exception to the drop or withdrawal deadlines MUST be included when submitting an exception form. The proper documentation MUST identify names, and dates of occurrence to support your request for an exception.

      Exceptions MAY be approved with the proper supporting documentation for:

      • Doctor or Hospital statement showing dates and circumstances.
      • Obituary or death notice.
      • Email from Staff or Faculty if the error was caused by CMU.

      Circumstances in which an exception MAY NOT be approved:

      • Lack of awareness regarding the deadline to drop or withdraw before the published deadlines.
      • Doing poorly in the course or not passing.
      • Dissatisfaction with an instructor.
      • Academic or work overload.
      • Changing a major or minor.
      • Inability to pay for a course.

      The $50 withdrawal fee per course is non-refundable and does not qualify for an exception request.

      Once you submit an Exception to the Drop/Withdrawal Form, it may take up to 3-4 weeks for the final review and determination to be processed. You will then be notified by email.

      Please note, approved appeals will be reviewed by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid to determine if an adjustment to federal, state, and/or institutional aid is required. All adjustments are in accordance with federal regulations and institutional policy and will be assessed on an individual basis.