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Registration Information

Know when to register

Multi-semester registration begins each academic year during the spring semester.

You can view the date and time you will be able to register by logging in to your Course Search and Registration. You may also use the registration schedule to view when registration begins. You will not be able to register before your scheduled date and time.

Important registration information

  • All Drop and Withdrawal Deadlines can be found within your Course Search and Registration (click on the "Info" button under "my courses.")
  • Main Campus courses have different drop and withdrawal deadlines than Online Campus Courses. Make sure you know your course deadlines.

Prepare to register for courses

We advise you to make an appointment with your advisor before it is your time to register.

Your advisor is the best place to start. They will help you plan ahead, keep you on track for graduation, and answer your questions about your specific degree.

Visit the Academic Advising webpage for more information and to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Issues preventing registration

For various reasons, a hold may be placed on the student account that prevents you from being able to register at your registration time. You will need to have the issue resolved before you will be able to register.

    You will need to contact One Central at 989-774-3618 to resolve the issue.

    If your competencies are not complete by 56 credit hours, a hold will be placed on your account preventing you from proceeding with registration. You will need assistance to be registered in the competencies before the hold will be removed.

    The Central Michigan University policy requires the following competencies to be met before you reach 56 credit hours: Freshman Composition, Advanced Composition, Oral English, and Mathematics.

    Competencies are met by earning a grade of "C" or higher.

    If you have questions as to which course satisfies a specific competency, please refer to your CMU Bulletin.

    A Time Conflict Exception Request is needed when two courses may overlap on a student's schedule for any amount of time.

    In rare instances, a time conflict may be allowed if approval is received from all associated instructors. Students wishing to pursue an exception must connect with both instructors to outline a plan for addressing any overlap of time. If both instructors approve, students can submit the Time Conflict Exception Request Form to the Registrar's Office to complete the registration process, you are not able to register for both classes that overlap in times yourself.

    Time Conflict Exception Request Form

    If a course is full you have the option to add yourself to a waitlist for that course.

    Please click the link below for important information on waitlisting.

    Waitlisting for a course

    As outlined in the undergraduate bulletin, undergraduate students may not be permitted to enroll in more than 21 credit hours per semester. Exceptions may be granted with the approval of the dean or designee.

    Undergraduate Academic Load Exception Form

    CMU policy requires you to have your major signed by the time you earn 56 credit hours. The consequence of not having your major signed by this time will result in a hold being placed on your account.

    You need to contact the department offering the major/minor you wish to pursue. You will find their phone numbers and office locations in the CMU Bulletin or the online CMU Directory. The department will give you instructions on how to meet with a departmental advisor to sign your major or minor.

    If you are still undecided, please talk with your academic advisor in your residence hall or the Academic Advising and Assistance office located in Ronan Hall room 250. The Career Development Center is another great resource in helping you choose the right career path. Both of these offices can offer assistance in helping you make a decision that will best meet your career goals.

    Taking a course using the credit/no-credit option

    As an undergraduate student at Central Michigan University — if the option is available for your course — you may take a course on a credit/no-credit basis. This is subject to regulations summarized in the CMU Bulletin.

    You will need to submit a request for credit/no-credit through your Course Search and Registration. Your request must be received prior to the posted deadline each semester, the deadline also applies to revert back to a letter grade from credit or no credit.