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Legal Information

​​The laws regarding the issues of sexual aggression are varied and complex and differ from state to state. SAPA and Sexual Aggression Services do not offer legal advice, however, they will assist you with legal resources to the best of their ability. This includes assisting with Personal Protection Orders, discussion of the criminal justice system, discussion of the campus investigatory process and Title IX, as well as connections to local law enforcement agencies and other applicable resources. 

Michigan laws

The following are links to sites that outline the laws pertaining to issues of sexual aggression. There may be multiple sites that provide information regarding these laws we have chosen only a select few.

Sexual assault

Criminal sexual conduct (CSC) is categorized into first, second, third, and fourth degrees. These links explain each degree: 


We offer several links to a variety of resources related to legal issues. Please visit our Local, State, and National Resources page for more information.

Local, State, and National Resources