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STEP Events

Throughout the year, STEP hosts and participates in a variety of events that assist students before, during, and after their transition to CMU. All events are free of charge and full of useful information. Below are brief descriptions of STEP's four​ main types of events; more detailed information is available through the links to the right

STEP event descriptions

Community and Tribal College Visits take place every month on the campuses of our four partner institutions: Bay Mills Community College, Delta College, Lansing Community College, and Mid Michigan Community College. During these visits, a STEP representative holds an information table where students can ask questions, receive information on CMU's academic programs, and learn how to transfer to CMU. They also host a one-hour workshop that will help students to succeed at their current institutions​ and at CMU. Some visits may also include college or involvement fairs hosted by the above institutions.​​

Transfer Student Visit Days ​are hosted by Undergraduate Admissions every other month throughout the​ year. These visits serve as an opportunity for students who are currently attending community and tribal colleges to learn more about CMU's campus, find out how to transfer, connect with academic advisors from their college of choice, and enjoy lunch at one of CMU's outstanding residential restaurants free of charge.​

STEP Welcome Receptions take place within the first few weeks of the fall and spring semesters and are meant to welcome new students to campus and provide further information about the STEP program. These events are free of charge and include food and icebreakers, as well as a free t-shirt and/or other gifts.

On-Campus Workshops may be hosted by STEP or other on-campus departments or offices. Those hosted by STEP topics such as study skills, time management skills, note-taking skills, interacting with faculty and staff, career/major exploration, goal-setting, and more. Giveaways and/or food are often included for attendees.