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What separates Central Michigan University from the thousands of colleges and universities in Michigan and across the country? What does our University do differently — and better — than the rest of them? The answers to these critical questions can be found in our brand strategy.

Strategy Drivers

Central Michigan University, like its students, doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Things change, perceptions shift, and priorities become clear over time. The foundation of any brand effort rests upon an approved strategy that drives the goals of the institution — and the brand expression then serves as a vehicle for the success of these goals.

  • Articulate CMU’s modern approach to academics.
  • Communicate the value of CMU’s emphasis on leadership in a way that resonates with different stakeholders.
  • Lean into the balance of CMU’s supportive community with accountability.
  • Convert internal pride and expertise into engagement.
  • Emphasize our hands-on approach to active learning.
  • Highlight the authentic relationships between faculty and students, as our reality is the ideal experience students are seeking.
  • Firmly demonstrate the outcomes of a CMU education by highlighting alumni stories.