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CMU Wordmark

CMU may also be represented by the traditional CMU Wordmark, although the Action C Combination mark is the new, preferred mark.
CMU Wordmark Maroon

Clear Space

To maintain legibility and visual impact, our mark always must have clear space around it that is not infringed upon by text or other visual elements. Use the width of the “CM” from our wordmark as a gauge to determine if the mark has sufficient clear space surrounding it.

Minimum Size

To maintain legibility, the Central Michigan University mark should never be reproduced in sizes smaller than 50 pixels wide for print (.83 in) and 80 pixels wide for web.

Color Variations

CMU Wordmark Maroon
CMU Wordmark White on Maroon
CMU Wordmark Gold on Maroon
CMU Wordmark Black

Incorrect Use

Please avoid these common violations to ensure the mark is used consistently across all platforms.

DO NOT rearrange the mark

DO NOT modify the mark. Mark must be used in it’s entirety

DO NOT tilt the mark

DO NOT place the mark over a competing pattern

DO NOT change the color of the mark from one of the approved variations

DO NOT stretch or distort the mark