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Internal Communications

Building community takes a focused, cohesive and consistent communication strategy. We're sure you've seen at least a few of these pieces, like internal email, announcements and newsletters. To help our employees, students, parents, alumni and friends stay engaged and informed about important university news and information, we work closely with executive leadership and units across campus to make sure our community receives clear, important information in a timely manner.

Our CMU e-newsletter

Our CMU is an e-newsletter containing university news and information. Twice a week through the academic year and once a week in the summer, you'll read stories about the people, research initiatives and activities that define CMU.

We produce Our CMU with input and ideas from our readers. Faculty and staff automatically receive Our CMU. Retirees, alumni, friends and community members may subscribe here.

CMU Today Announcements

CMU Today is a site where faculty and staff can share information and announcements of up to 100 words about Central Michigan University operations, resources and activities.  

View CMU Today Announcements

CMU Student Email Announcements

E-mail announcements of important interest to most currently enrolled students may be approved for distribution to all students with e-mail accounts. When messages are submitted, they are reviewed for approval, digested and sent out.

Approval authority rests with University Communications. We are more likely to approve messages deemed important to most students and dealing with such issues as university financial matters, course registration, emergencies (health, weather, etc.) or new university policies. Most other announcements will not be deemed appropriate to send to all student e-mail accounts. Those who wish to send other electronic announcements to students are encouraged to consider posting a message to the STUDENT NEWS through the Division of Student Affairs.