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Federal Tuition Assistance

Find more information about federal tuition assistance available to service members.

ArmyIgnitED Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) 

Service members must speak with their Educational Services Officer (ESO) or military service counselor regarding the approval of tuition assistance benefits prior to enrolling in courses.

TA funds are a unique, distinct source of financial aid available to eligible service members and must be the first payer.

For eligible Soldiers, FTA funds up to $250 per semester hour for up to 16 semester hours each fiscal year — all towards tuition to advance your education.

Here’s a look at the FTA lifetime limits of the program: 

  • 130 undergraduate semester hours. 
  • 39 graduate semester hours.
  • 21 certificate/diploma semester hours. 

FTA will pay toward one credential at each post-secondary level: certificate/diploma, associate degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, or graduate-level certificate. (Doctor’s degrees do not apply.) 

Exceptions: Initial state teacher certifications, chaplain certification or prerequisites for the Inter-service Physician Assistant Program (IPAP) may be eligible after receiving a master’s degree. Remember, FTA is tuition assistance, which means it is for tuition only. It does not cover fees, examinations, e-Learning, or other expenses outside of an official degree plan.

Enrolling in ArmyIgnitED Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

ArmyIgnitED steps

1. Create an Account: Visit the ArmyIgnitED website. Insert your CAC to begin, and click on “LOGIN.” This will register your CAC to the upgraded ArmyIgnitED. You will only need the URL and your CAC.

  • In some cases, Soldiers may need assistance creating an account in the upgraded ArmyIgnitED system. Please visit or contact your local Army Education Center if you need assistance.

2. Submit an Education Goal: Each Soldier will need to submit an education goal through ArmyIgnitED even if he/she is close to completing their degree. The goal will be sent to your Army Education Center, and an Army Education Counselor will review and either approve, disapprove, or request additional information about the goal. Contact your Education Center if your goal is disapproved. You must have an approved education goal to apply for tuition assistance.

  • For a tutorial that outlines how a Soldier can create an Education Goal, login to ArmyIgnitED > Click on the Question Mark Located at the Upper Right Corner > Documents & Links > Tutorial- Creating an Education Goal- SM.
  • You will upload an evaluated degree plan during this step. You can find this in your Degree Progress in the CMU portal. Click on the “Degree Progress” tab on left side of screen, then click on “Download Degree Plan”. This will create a .pdf file for you to save to your computer and then upload to the ArmyIgnitED portal.
  • If you do not see your CMU Degree/Education Goal in the portal, please contact and let us know. We will upload it into the portal so that you are able to choose it.

3. Submit Tuition Assistance Request (TAR): Once the submitted education goal has been approved by the Education Center, you will be able to submit tuition assistance requests (TARs).

  • Follow this link for instructions on how to create a TAR.
  • Soldiers must submit TARs in the portal no earlier than 60 days and no later than 8 days prior to the class start date. 
  • Soldiers' TAR course dates must match the course dates listed in the student’s class schedule.
  • Soldiers must accept the TA User Agreement when submitting a TAR.
  • Soldiers will be solely responsible for all tuition costs if TA is not approved prior to the course start date.
  • TA is approved on a course-by-course basis and only for the specific course(s) and class dates that a Soldier requests.
  • Soldiers must drop/withdraw from a course with their school and process all requests for recoupment waivers for withdrawals in ArmyIgnitED.

4. Register for course(s): Register for courses using CMU Course Search and Registration.

  • All registrations, drops, and withdrawals are done through course search and registration.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Michigan National Guard, browse to the MINGSTAP portal:
  • To be eligible to receive MINGSTAP TA, students MUST first use FTA (federal tuition assistance)

(Please do not manually add courses. Students should only request TA from the enrollments listed. If you have any questions regarding FTA or MINGSTAP, please reach out to

FTA can be a huge help in driving down the cost of your education. If you are National Guard, also be sure to ask your state education office for other benefits and programs they provide National Guard Soldiers. If you are Michigan National Guard, visit
 to find information about the Michigan National Guard State Tuition Assistance Program (MINGSTAP).

Federal Tuition Assistance for other services

    CMU students in the Air Force must apply for Air Force Tuition Assistance through the AF Portal.

    Air Force Portal

    The Marine Corps will pay:
    ⦁ $250 per semester credit hour, or
    ⦁ $4,500 per fiscal year
    Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Eligibility
    ⦁ First time users can only take one course for their first enrollment, all others are limited to a maximum of two courses at a time
    ⦁ Must have a minimum GT score of 100 or a minimum TABE score of 10.2
    ⦁ Must complete Marine Corps Institute (MCI) Personal Financial Management (Course ID 3420G).
    Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Details
    ⦁ TA can't be used if you have had or are pending disciplinary action.
    ⦁ TA can't be used to pay for flight training.
    ⦁ TA can't pay for the same course more than once.
    ⦁ TA can't be approved retroactively. Applications must be submitted and command approved before the course starts.
    ⦁ You must earn a grade of D or higher or P for passing all non-graduate level coursework, and C or higher for graduate-level courses. If not, you have to repay all TA funds for that course.

    ⦁ TA is authorized for graduate studies through the master's degree level; doctoral programs will not be funded
    ⦁ Only schools with an approved DOD Voluntary Education Partnership MOU are eligible to participate in DOD Voluntary Education programs including military tuition assistance.
    ⦁ The rules and regulations regarding TA can be found in MCO 1560.25.


    USMC Tuition Assistance (log in required)

    There are currently no Tuition Assistance Programs for the traditional Navy Reserve. TA is available to Navy enlisted and officers on active duty, and reservists on continuous active duty. Enlisted reservists ordered to active duty for 120 days or more and reserve officers ordered to active duty for 2 years or more may be eligible.

    To qualify, you must:

    ⦁have at least three years time-in-service before applying for benefits.

    ⦁ be on active duty for the whole length of the course.

    ⦁ attend an accredited school.

    ⦁ get counseling from a Navy College Office or Virtual Education Center Counselor.

    ⦁ provide all grades from previously funded TA courses.

    Enlisted with less than 16 years of service must have 12 months or more remaining on their current enlistment.

    Officers must be O-3 or above and agree to remain on active duty at least two years following the completion of the course.

    Navy Tuition Assistance

    Tuition Assistance (TA) is authorized for Active Duty military and Reserve members affiliated with the Selected Reserve (SELRES).  

    Note: Members of SELRES must be drilling reservists with satisfactory progress in the current anniversary year and have met the participation standards for the previous anniversary year.  

    Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

    Cost of Attendance

    How much is CMU going to cost? Please complete the Net Price Calculator to determine your estimated amount for Veteran benefits and how they will affect the cost of attending CMU. Once completed, please upload a copy of the Net Price Calculator results on the Enrollment Certification Request (ECR) form.

    Once benefits are certified, the amount will be updated on the College Financing Plan.

    Cost of Attendance | Scholarships and Financial Aid | Central Michigan University (