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Associate Professor


Jankens, B. (2021). Charter School Authorizing: Understanding the Differences Among Authorizers and School Performance. Educational Leadership Review, ICPEL. 

Petrik, S. & Jankens, B. (2019). Lean Six Sigma for education: A framework for school leaders. Lansing, MI: ICPEL Publications.

Jankens, B., Store, D., & Nothstine, K. (2019). Performance comparison between district public schools and charter schools in Michigan using a Composite District Average. Charter School Resource Journal.

Price, W., & Jankens, B. (2017). Charter schools in Michigan: A handbook for understanding public policy and practice for Michigan’s public school academies (3rd ed.). Lansing, MI: NCPEA Publications.

Klocko, B., Jankens, B., Davidson, J., & Marcincavage, S. (2015). Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships in Online Course Design for Educational Leaders.In Vaughn, V., Miller, G., & Oliveras-Ortiz, Y. (Eds.), Preparing Future Ready Education Leaders through Globalized Online Learning. Lansing, MI: NCPEA Publications.

  • ​School culture and climate
  • School performance
  • School leader evaluations
  • Charter schools and authorizing
  • School reform efforts
  • Principal preparation​

Courses Taught

  • EDL 661: School and Community Relations
  • EDL 670: The Principalship
  • EDL 694: Leadership Capstone
  • EDL 699: Leadership Internship
  • EDL 765: Organizational Change
  • EDL 767: Public School Finance
  • EDL 775: Educational Policy Analysis
  • ​EDL 855: Culture and Change in Educational Institutions