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Bailey, Beth


Professor with Tenure


Dr. Bailey, a developmental psychologist and statistician/epidemiologist, joined the CMED faculty in 2019 as a Professor and the Director of Health Services Research. She is responsible for leading clinical and health systems research efforts at CMU, involving faculty from across campus and collaborative efforts throughout the State of Michigan and beyond. As an expert in maternal child health, her own research focuses on substance use and mental health during pregnancy, including surveillance, intervention, and health and developmental consequences for exposed children, with her most recent work funded by NIH and SAMHSA. She has extensive experience in longitudinal clinical research, and in leveraging electronic health record and population-based data sets, and coordinates access to regional and national health-related databases for faculty, resident, and student research projects. Her teaching duties at CMED include Co-Directing the longitudinal M1/M2 Medicine and Society course, Directing the M4 Social Determinants of Health Elective, serving as a mentor for M3/M4 Independent Research Electives, serving as an M1 PBL facilitator, supervising medical student research projects, and serving as an M1/M2 academic advisor. She also provides educational sessions and research support for residents and faculty from CMU Medical Education Partners, and is the CMED point person for the MD-MPH Program. Dr. Bailey’s regional community-based work includes serving as the Chair of the Evaluation Consortium for the Michigan Health Alliance THRIVE Initiative, and the Isabella County representative to the Michigan Region 5 Perinatal Quality Collaborative.

More about Beth Bailey

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Faculty Research Excellence Award
College of Medicine Honoree
Woman of the Year
Ph.D., Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (MI)
M.A., Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan (MI)
B.S., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)