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Barden, Cheryl



Cheryl Barden has been heavily involved with the Deaf community for the past 27 years and has served as an American Sign Language instructor at Central Michigan University for the past 13 years.  Cheryl has worked as an interpreter for the Deaf in medical, legal, business, religious, community and educational settings as well as a Deaf-blind intervener/ interpreter. She has taught community as well as professional sign language classes utilizing the “Signing Naturally” series for 23 of the last 25 years.

More about Cheryl Barden

  • MA, Educational Technology, Central Michigan University, 2018
  • BS, Psychology, Central Michigan University, 2015
  • Deaf Blind Intervener Training Program, Weber State University, 1995

    Courses Taught

    • ASL 100:  Introduction to the Deaf Community and Deaf Culture
    • ASL 101:  American Sign Language, Level I
    • ASL 102:  American Sign Language, Level II
    • ASL 202:  American Sign Language, Level IV
    • ASL 390:  Sociocultural History of the American Deaf Community
    • ASL 391:  American Deaf Culture via Study Abroad in France
    • ASL 401:  American Sign Language, Level V
    • ASL 593SL:  Jamaica Study Abroad
    • ASL 594SL:  ASL in Elementary Education