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Assistant Professor



Dr. Gregg B. Dionne is an assistant professor in the Department of Educational Leadership with over 20 years of experience in education and the local, regional, state, and national levels specializing in curriculum and instruction, educational policy, and the implementation of innovative educational systems. Dr. Dionne’s research focuses on collaboration between PK-12 and higher education utilizing quantitative and qualitative methodologies. In addition to teaching in multiple graduate programs, Dr. Dionne also leads efforts across departments on accreditation for advanced programs, assessment, and the approval of educational leadership certification programs.

More about Gregg Dionne

Dionne, G.B., Sloan, K., & Wilson G. E. (In press) Tell me what you really think: Student voice in assessment design for educational leadership programs. Educational Leadership Review.

Klocko, B., Dionne, G. B., Patrick, K. G., Davidson, J., Ampaw, F., & Justis, R. (2022) Public school superintendent sagacity: A call for financial leadership. Journal of School Administration Research and Development 7(1), 1-21. DOI:

Dionne G.B., Patrick, K.G., Francis, R., & Deschaine, M. (2020). Public school district needs at the crossroads of professional development and public university partnerships: Superintendents’ perceptions and the potential alliance between PK-12 and institutions of higher education. Education Leadership Review 21(1), 293-318.

Michigan Central Office Administration Certificate
Michigan School Administrator Certificate (K-12 and Central Office)
Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI (2016) Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership

The American Educational Research Association Member (2016-Present)

The Michigan Association of Professors of Educational Leadership Member (Fall 2019-Present)

International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership Member (Fall 2019-Present)

Courses Taught

EDL 699: Educational Leadership Internship

EDL 660: Principles of Educational Administration

EDL 690: Curriculum Supervision

EDL 793: District Curriculum and Instructional Supervision

EDL 775: Educational Policy Analysis

EDL 661: School and Community Relations

EDL 773: Instructional Supervision and Leadership

EDL 801: Quantitative Analysis in Educational Leadership