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Gorsi, Hamza


Associate Professor
Assistant Professor

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Yankelevich M, Finlay JL, Gorsi H, Kupsky W, Boue DR, Koschmann CJ, Kumar-Sinha C, Mody R (2021). Molecular insights into malignant progression of atypical choroid plexus papilloma. Cold Spring Harbor molecular case studies.

. (2018). *=Student/Trainee ..

Toll, S, Flore, L, Gorsi, HS, Marupudi, N, Mody, S, Kupsky, W, Wang, Z (2024). Intracranial germinoma in two Caucasian American siblings with autism spectrum disorder. Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

Gupte A*, Marupudi NI, Mody S, Kupsky W, Gorsi HS (2021). BCR-NTRK2 fusion in a pediatric patient with spinal gangliocytoma. Pediatric blood & cancer.

Al-Antary E*, Gupte A*, Poulik J, Klein J, Gorsi HS (2022). Juvenile Xanthogranuloma of the Pancreas in a Pediatric Patient Mimicking Pancreatic Neoplasm With High CA 19-9: Case Report and Literature Review. Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.

Gorsi HS, Toll SA, Sood S, Miler S, Altinok D, Kumar-Sinha C, Mody R, Yankelevich M (2022). Ongoing Response in a Multiply Relapsed Metastatic Posterior Fossa Ependymoma A After Vorinostat and Concomitant Irradiation. Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.

Gorsi HS, Malicki DM, Barsan V, Tumblin M, Yeh-Nayre L, Milburn M, Elster JD, Crawford JR (2019). Nivolumab in the Treatment of Recurrent or Refractory Pediatric Brain Tumors: A Single Institutional Experience. Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.

Gorsi HS, LeGolvan M, Mangray S, Denardo B, Welch J (2019). Spontaneous expectoration of pulmonary metastases in a child with osteogenic sarcoma. Pediatric blood & cancer.

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Bakkar, M*, Altinok, D, Kupsky, W, Marupudi, N, Gorsi, HS (2023). CNS tumor with BCOR internal tandem duplication: treatment course for long term survivor Journal of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.

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Gorsi HS, Toll SA, Chitlur M (2023). Survey of prophylactic platelet transfusion practices in brain tumors patients among pediatric hematologists/oncologists in North America. Pediatric blood & cancer.

Aghajan Y, Grover I, Gorsi H, Tumblin M, Crawford JR (2019). Use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in pediatric neuro-oncology: a single institutional experience. Journal of neuro-oncology.

Gorsi H, Marupudi NI, Sood S, Altinok D, Yankelevich M (2020). Pneumocephalus in a Pediatric Patient with Glioma Receiving Trametinib. Pediatric neurosurgery.

Barsan V, Paul M, Gorsi H, Malicki D, Elster J, Kuo DJ, Crawford J (2019). Clinical Impact of Next-generation Sequencing in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Patients: A Single-institutional Experience. Cureus.

Greenwell AM*, Baughan S, Altinok D, Marupudi NI, Kupsky W, Kumar-Sinha C, Gorsi HS (2022). Lorlatinib for the Treatment of ALK Fusion-Positive Infant-Type Hemispheric Glioma: A Case Report. JCO precision oncology.
Teaching Award
Quaid-e-Azam Scholarship of merit
Allama Iqbal Scholarship of merit
Mom approved Doc
M.P.H., Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island (RI)
M.B.B.S., King Edward Medical College