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Jason Luna has worked primarily in the field of mental health serving many communities and populations across Michigan in settings such as community mental health, inpatient psychiatric, and private practice, just to name a few. When not working, Jason enjoys playing video games, attending concerts and live shows, and spending time with family and friends. 

Luna, J. & Surface-Evans, S. (2022) Separation, Tension, Trauma: Exploring Mothering and Cultural Resilience at the Mount Pleasant Indian Industrial Boarding School. [Manuscript in preparation].

Luna, J. (2017). Trauma from Native American Boarding Schools and Its Effect on Native American Parenting Practices. Arizona State University.

MA, Sociology, 2017, Arizona State University

MA, Social Work, 2015, Michigan State University

BA, Social Work, 2012, Central Michigan University

Research interests include Native American boarding school era, historical trauma, religious trauma, 1980s Satanic panic, and social movements.

Phi Theta Kappa alumni

Phi Alpha alumni

Licensed Master of Social Work - LMSW