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Dr. Scherr received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Iowa State University in 2011. Before moving to Central Michigan, he taught several undergraduate courses (Social Psychology, Research Design, and Research Statistics) at Iowa State University.  In addition to his research and teaching at Central Michigan, Kyle consults with various legal professionals and gives talks for interviewing groups and seminars.

My research broadly relates to three areas at the intersection of psychology and law. The first area focuses on the social cognitive influences that affect suspect decision making during custodial interrogations. The second line  focuses on wrongful convictions and the experience of exonerees upon release (even before exoneration). The third focuses on forensic evidence gathering and analysis.  His past research examined the influence of false beliefs on people’s outcomes via self-fulfilling prophecies – specifically, the influence of mother’s false beliefs on their adolescents’ alcohol use and educational attainment.‚Äč