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Han, Kyunghee



Kyunghee Han received her Ph.D. in Personality Psychology from the University of Minnesota in 1993. She has previously held an appointment in Educational Psychology at the University of Mississippi. She joined the faculty at the Central Michigan University in 2001.

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My research to date can be divided into two areas: general psychometric scale validation research and cross-cultural research on personality and psychopathology. Examples of the former include: (a) construction of a validity scale, S, recently adopted by National Computing Systems for standard use with the MMPI-2; (b) exploring the personality item content areas on which couples agree most; and (c) developing new factor scales measuring expectation about counseling. Examples of cross-cultural research include: (a) standardization of the MMPI-2 and MMPI-A; (b) creating a scale that measures the Korean Cultural-Bound Syndrome of "Hwa-Byung"; (c) examining validity of MMPI-2 validity scales in Korean population; and (d) evaluating measurement equivalence of depression scale with the US and Korean normative samples.