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Rakesh, Leela



More about Leela Rakesh

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  • Postdoc., Rheology of sickle cell blood flow resistance using piezoelectric transducer (NIH and Washington University, School of Medicine), St. Louis, Missouri, 1983-1984
  • M.S. & Ph.D., Applied and Computational Mathematics, Theoretical and Computational Study of Biomechanical Lubrication & Rheology, ITT - Kanpur Technological Institute, India, 1983
  • B.S., Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics Honors, Triv University, India, 1979
I am interested in studying rheological properties polymers and biopolymers and applying mathematical techniques, statistical mechanics and molecular modeling to study the properties of biological and synthetic macromolecules. My group consists of physicist, chemists and engineers. We study macro to micro to nanosuspension (solution and melt) rheology. I am interested in developing new techniques for characterizing the branching and entanglement patterns of network polymers, its molecular architecture and packing. This research includes applying concepts from graph theory, surface topography and knot theory to understand and characterize these networks. Pharmacophore modeling: Superpose pharmacophore elements to identify bioactive conformation. Transport properties (diffusivities, self -assembly and the intrinsic viscosities) of macromolecules using computational techniques. Computations have been performed on random coil and wormlike models of linear chain polymers, star polymers, hyperbranched polymers, dendrimers, cyclodextrins, ssDNA and proteins and their interactions with and without functionalized carbon nanotubes.