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Dr. Patrick K. Faircloth, PhD, LPC-S (AL) LPC (MI), NCC, AMHCA Diplomate, Dr. Faircloth retired from a university as a tenured Associate Professor and Associate Department Chairperson. After retiring he taught as a part-time professor and maintained a private practice in person and online all before becoming a Fixed Term Fulltime Instructor at Central Michigan University. In brief, Dr. Faircloth has worked in private practice, community, agency, and university settings for over 20 years as a clinician, supervisor, and researcher. He has conducted counseling, supervision, research, or presented on the following areas (this is a brief list): End of Life Issues with Later Stage Adults, Positive Ethics, Scope of Practice and Standards of Care, Gender & Career Issues, Police and Military Issues, Masculinity Issues, Assessment and Testing Issues, Trauma and Grief Issues, Attachment Issues, Student At-Risk Issues, LGBTTQQIA2SFAGPBDSM and Infant Mental Health. He is one of the co-creators of a Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Counseling Certificate Program for a university. Dr. Faircloth has served in several leadership/service positions in the chapters and divisions of the Alabama Counseling Association and the Michigan Counseling Association. He is also a lifetime member of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association, for a detailed account please see his curriculum vita.

More about Patrick Faircloth

Wingate, J., Faircloth, P.K., & Gossett, D. (2017). Science Technology Engineering and Math Education (STEM), Student Drop Out and Success: Lessons learned implementing an After School Program. The Alabama Counseling Association Journal, 41(2), 82-103.

Cates, K., Zeller, M., & Faircloth, P.K. (2017) Helping the helpers to serve those who serve: Understanding military and emergency service communities and the mental health counselors who serve them. The National FORUM Journal of Counseling and Addiction, 6(1), 1-12.

Maiden, R. J., Rogers, K. B., Faircloth, P. K., Driver, N. H., & Ellison, L. A. (2022). Best practices for security of electronic public health information on electronic media storage. The Alabama Counseling Journal, 44(1).

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): Counseling (CACREP Accredited), 2011, Oakland University. Master of Arts (M.A.): Community Counseling (CACREP Accredited), 2005, Oakland University. Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): Psychology, 2001, Oakland University
My research interests have evolved over time and are currently composed of the follow: Gender & career issues, Gender Role Conflict, Career satisfaction, Law Enforcement/Military issues, Masculinity, Assessment and Testing, Trauma and Grief Reactions, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Child and Adolescent Attachment Issues, Infant Mental Health, Students at-risk in K-12, Gerontological Counseling, Suicidality, LGBTTQQIA2SFAGPBDSM Issues, Group Work with Special Populations, Organizational Management/Sustainability, and Positive Ethics in Counseling.
See Vitae

Licensed Professional Counselor (Michigan & Alabama)

Approved Supervising Counselor in Alabama

National Certified Counselor

Courses Taught

CED 620 - Introduction to Multicultural Counseling

CED 640 - Assessment in Counseling

CED 651 - Counseling Children and Adolescents

CED 699 - Diagnosis and Treatment in Counseling

Was the program you (the faculty) graduated from CACREP accredited?

Yes both Masters and Ph.D. were CACREP Accredited

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