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More about Shay Dawson

Dawson, S., McCormick, B., & Li, J. (2018). A Network Analysis of Youth with Physical Disabilities Attending a Therapeutic Camp. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 52 (2), 154-169. 

Dawson, S. (2017). Social Inoculation and the Extinguishing Effects of Pediatric Medical Camps: Proposing a Framework for the Other 51 Weeks a Year. Journal of Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in Public Health, 1 (1). 

Dawson, S. (2017) International Classification of Disability, Health, and Function. In Perspectives of Recreational Therapy. Eds. Austin, D. & McCormick, B. Sagamore Publishing, IL.

Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Public Health-Bloomington, Indiana University

Social Psychology of Disability 

Pediatric Disability and Chronic Illness 

Social Network Analysis 

Evidence Based Therapeutic Programs

National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification 

American Therapeutic Recreation Association
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (NCTRC)

Courses Taught

RPL - 342: Therapeutic Recreation - Behavioral Health

RPL- 340 - Therapeutic Recreation - Developmental Disabilities