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  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1991
  • M.S., Physics, University of Sofia, Bulgaria, 1983
  • Applied crystallography
  • X-ray (synchrotron) diffraction
  • 3-D structure determination and modeling
  • Magnetism

Research Projects

  • Properties of materials are predetermined by the atomic-scale structure. For example, diamonds are hard, transparent and expensive. Graphite is black, soft and cheap. Both are pure carbon though; the difference comes from the different arrangement of carbon atoms. It is a tetrahedral network in diamond and a stack of hexagonal layers in graphite. Dr. Petkov's research aims at determining the 3D atomic-scale structure of materials by x-ray diffraction and computer simulations. Research is done at CMU and synchrotron radiation facilities. Mostly, a non-traditional experimental approach, that of atomic pair distribution function analysis, is employed. Traditional crystallography (Rietveld) is done as well. Materials of current interest include glasses (metallic, silicate, phosphate, germanate, fast conductors), liquids (water), polymers (dendrimers), composites (inorganic/organic), nanoporous zeolites and carbons, ceramics (titanates, zirconates), catalysts (Mo, Au and Pt based), nanoparticles (metallic and inorganic), data storage media (optical: Ge-Sb-Te; magnetic: Pt/Pd/Fe), disordered ferro and ferri magnets (transition & rare earth metals based), and others. Funding sources include NSF, DoE, ARL and CMU.‚Äč