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Law and Economics (Business)

Program Overview

You can't develop a business strategy without considering laws, regulations, and the economic impacts of decisions. Our law and economics program combines economic theory and business law, preparing you for the decisions you'll be faced with as a business manager.

Program Snapshot

Program Type: Full-Time
Location: On Campus
Program Length: 4 years
Credit Hours: 33

Why This Program & What You'll Learn

As a law and economics major at CMU, you’ll learn to think critically about complicated situations and gauge how others are likely to react.

This unique program is one of just a handful in the United States and the only one in Michigan. Through it, you'll learn to navigate the regulatory environment, predict economic forces and learn to build a business strategy while keeping legal and economic impacts of decisions in mind.

As a student in our College of Business Administration, you'll build a solid foundation in accounting, marketing and other basic concepts. Beyond that, you'll take classes in economic theory that will contribute to your analytical and decision making skills. And courses in business law will introduce you to contracts, property rights and the regulatory environment.

(A variation of this program is also offered outside of the College of Business Administration. Students in that program take fewer required business courses, and have more room to take elective classes.)

Graduates of our law and economics program are problem-solvers and solution-finders. You'll become a better writer and thinker—skills that will serve you well not just in business, but also in law, public service or countless other careers.

Program Highlights

As a law and economics (business) major, you will:

  • Study at the only college in Michigan to combine law and economics into a single program.
  • Get real-world experience through opportunities like The Capital City Internship Program (CCIP). Which provides you the opportunity to gain experience, network, and learn the critical role government plays on campus and in our communities through an internship in Downtown Lansing.
  • Learn the language used in law and microeconomic analysis .
  • Join Phi Alpha Delta, an academic pre-law fraternity of students who are interested in careers in law.
  • Become familiar with the institutions and processes of the U.S. legal system and develop effective written communication skills to support legal reasoning.

Careers & Outcomes

If you're planning to go to law school or hold a position in which you'll need to make decisions influenced by the law, the law and economics degree will prepare you. Graduates of the law and economics program often go on to careers in the private sector, public service and many other fields.

Career Projected Salary
Compliance Officer $59,630
Financial Planning Manager $131,710
Policy Analyst $76,480
Actuary $113,990

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