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Executive Board

Taylor Idema, Student Body President

Taylor Idema is currently holding The Office of Student Body President for the Central Michigan University Student Government Association. Taylor is a senior from Mt. Pleasant, Michigan double majoring in Political Science (Pre-Law) and Integrative Public Relations. Additionally, she is studying Women and Gender Studies as her minor. Within SGA, Taylor has previously served as Student Body Treasurer, Governmental Affairs Committee Chair, and as a Senator for various academic colleges. Outside of SGA, Taylor is a Centralis Scholar who has participated in the Capitol City Internship Program where she served as the Communications Intern for Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a former Honors Program Teaching Assistant and Mentor, and has worked in the Office of the Provost, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and in both Larzelere Hall and Trout Hall as a Residence Life Staff Member.

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Natalie Brant, Student Body Vice President

Natalie Brant is the Student Body Vice President of CMU’s Student Government Association. She is a junior majoring in International Relations and Philosophy with a minor in Communication from Wichita, KS. Natalie has previously served as Executive Secretary and Parliamentarian in SGA. Outside of SGA, Natalie is a part of the honors college, she is a Resident Assistant, a peer mentor, and a member of the Debate Team. In her current role as the Student Body Vice President, Natalie works to oversee all of the internal affairs of SGA. She supervises all of the standing committees and chairs our general board. She oversees the Office of the Vice President to ensure that the internal workings of SGA operate smoothly and works to ensure that everyone feels represented and included in the conversations. She also oversees many committees and sits on the Board of Trustees Student Liaison Committee.

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Liv Schwartz, Treasurer

Liv Schwartz is the Student Body Treasurer of Central Michigan University's Student Government Association. She is a junior majoring in international relations with minors in political science, cultural and global studies, and ASL from Hamilton, Michigan. In her current role as the Student Body Treasurer, she is focused on empowering and engaging students through budget transparency and conversations when formulating how to spend our money sustainably, as well as creating a more equitable and inclusive campus. She maintains the SGA budget and ensures that all funds are used responsibly in accordance with the student body's votes and regulations. As the Student Body Treasurer, she also sits on the SBAC Committee and the Chair of CPF and Review Committee. She is excited to make connections with other students and help other student leaders on campus accomplish their goals!

Email: Office: 989-774-7421 Bovee UC 104 G

SGA Body Organization

The SGA Cabinet works to ensure that the organization is running efficiently and effectively. Each member of Cabinet is charged with a leadership function, and reports to either the president, vice-president, or treasurer.

Executive Cabinet consists of the executive secretary, director of internal affairs, legal clinic director, chief of staff, SBAC chair, parliamentarian, project coordinator, historian, director of equity and inclusion, elections director, digital marketing director, city commission liaison, director of external affairs, and the committee chairs. There are also appointed and elected positions that include fraternity and sorority life representatives, an athletics liaison, and the House and Senate leaders.

SGA Senate consists of 24 senators, which represent one of the following: College of Business Administration, College of Arts and the Media, College of Education and Human Services, Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions, College of Graduate Studies, College of Medicine, College of Science and Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and Undeclared & Global Campus.

SGA House consists of members from each registered student organization. As members of the House, RSOs are able to obtain Student Budget Allocation Committee (SBAC) funding for conferences and projects.

SGA Committees

The SGA Academic Affairs Committee seeks out academic issues, brought forth by students and relays them to Academic Senate.

Committee Functions:

  • Be responsible for addressing all academic-oriented issues on campus that can either directly or indirectly affect students.
  • Have at least one committee member serving as a voting member of the Academic Senate.

The SGA Diversity Committee works to foster awareness within CMU, Mt. Pleasant, and SGA.

Committee Functions:

  • Plan at least one (1) program per semester to foster learning and conversation pertaining to diversity education and issues amongst the campus community.
  • Meet with the Vice-President for Institutional Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer once a semester within the first month of said semester to establish goals and promote CMU's inclusive programming and policy.
  • Monitor university enforcement of public acts related to diversity and theStrategic Plan for Achieving Diversity.

The Governmental Affairs Committee acts as a political liaison between SGA, CMU, and all levels of government to promote awareness of student related issues. The committee is tasked with remaining non-partisan and objective, focusing on student issues.

Committee Functions:

  • Organize a program for students focused on legislative issues
  • Organize trips, as needed, to the state and national capital in order to communicate the legislative concerns of CMU students.
  • Establish and remain in contact with Michigan University Student Governments or other representative bodies.

The SGA Special Events andOutreach Committee works with the vice-president to strengthen the relationship between SGA and the student body, and encourages students, faculty, staff, and administrators to show school spirit by putting on programs and other initiatives.

Committee Functions:
  • Create and implement outreach strategies targeted to specific audiences.
  • Encourage cooperation between RSOs through programs, workshops and networking.
  • Have a chair chosen in consultation with the Office of Student Activities and Involvement.
  • Act as SGA's liaison to the Office of Student Activities and Involvement programming.


The SGA Sustainability Committee leads educational initiatives to encourage sustainable choices on campus.

Committee Functions:

  • Have a chair who serves on the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee during their term if possible
  • Meet with Facilities Management once per semester within their first month of said semester to establish goals and promote CMU's sustainable ventures
  • Work actively with sustainability-focused organizations on campus
  • Plan at least (1) event each semester to promote sustainability