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Strategic Plan

Top Searches Tuition & Financial Aid Advising Careers at CMU Housing Program Finder COVID-19 University Library Clark Historical Library Faculty & Staff Alumni My Account College of Business Administration Menu IN THIS SECTION View All Strategic Plan Reflecting Central Michigan University’s Strategic Plan: Advancing Excellence (2017-2022) and the College of Business Administration’s Strategic Plan (2019-2020) Mission We nurture student success by providing a transformative educational experience., Vision We prepare our graduates to become accounting professionals who significantly impact their organizations and communities., Core Values Student-centered learning., Alumni perceive their CMU education as a sound investment” (from Advancing Excellence: CMU’s Strategic Plan, 2017-2022) The SOA values active, rigorous, student-centered learning., Scholarship is essential to the intellectual life of a university and its accreditation., Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Process

Top Searches Tuition & Financial Aid Advising Careers at CMU Housing Program Finder COVID-19 University Library Clark Historical Library Faculty & Staff Alumni My Account IN THIS SECTION View All Strategic Planning Email: Strategic Planning Process The strategic planning process began in Spring 2010 with the development of the mission statement and core values These were approved by the Board of Trustees on December 2, 2010., The campus then focused on establishing a clear, positive vision statement that described what we aspire to be in 5 to 10 years., Next we focused on broad strategic priorities that will allow us to fulfill that vision., The vision statement and priorities were adopted by the Board of Trustees on December 6, 2012., Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859 989-774-4000 Campus Safety Information and Resources © Copyright Central Michigan University Learn more about Central Michigan University's strategic planning process., Strategic Planning Process


SPAD – Fall 2008 4 Institutional Diversity DIVERSITY AND CMU TODAY Central Michigan University’s Mission Statement and Diversity On September 12, 2002, the mission statement was adopted by Central Michigan University’s Board of Trustees., CMU’s mission statement provides the basis for a strategic, university-wide plan for achieving diversity., Collectively, the five institutional priorities, campus climate framework, and institutional mission, inform the development of this revised 2008 Strategic Plan for Diversity., Diversity needs a similar level of attention to remain at the core of an institution’s mission and values., CMU 2010: The Vision Plan.'s-division/institutional-diversity/20210929-strategicplan-001dc230335-9db9-44be-b6bb-c61da4053a7f.pdf?sfvrsn=4f58d969_3

May 2012 Survey Results Faculty and Staff

Implement the University Scholars Program passed unanimously by the University Strategic Planning Committee 3/13/2009., CHANGE5 A Mission and Values statement is useless if the university is not going to support those statements., COMMENTS Some real strategic planning would be nice., Strategic planning is my academic expertise., Operational: Planning, resources and Infrastructure, Strategic Vision supports all three.'s-division/strategic-plan/may-2012-survey-results-faculty-and-staffd7e79a4a-1365-41fe-8f2f-f678f56114a9.pdf?sfvrsn=8b4239a9_3


In meetings for each of these entities, members review the mission statement to determine if it is still relevant and congruent with the strategic vision of the program as detailed in its vision statement, public service values, competency plan, and logic model., Therefore, after a series of strategic planning sub-committee meetings, the formation of a focus-group study of MPA alumni, and information contained in the MPA programs alumni survey, and additional meetings of the strategic planning sub-committee to review data emerging from the focus-group study and the alumni survey, recommendations on revisions to the program's mission statement, the adoption of programmatic public service values, and changes to the program's curriculum were made by the strategic planning sub- committee., Once completed, the program will have three distinct concentrations with each concentration offered in a regularly scheduled time-frame and each concentration supporting various aspects of the program's mission, vision, and values., Especially when the program makes significant decisions, the mission statement guides decision-making and ensures that the strategic vision of the program is realized., In 1998, with funding from a CMU New Initiatives grant, the Center expanded its vision, its mission, and its services, offering assistance university-wide while continuing its involvement in the basic writing curriculum.

2020_06_25_Board Report

We know that education is a powerful antidote for ignorance, and education is our mission., Nick comes to us from the University of Texas system, where he served as assistant vice chancellor of budget and financial planning., This group, which included leaders from every division of our university, has been meeting nearly every day since mid-March and has done extensive and thorough planning to make sure we are able to operate as safely as possible., ¥ And, most importantly, we will embrace and embody our core values., I challenge every member of our campus to reflect daily on the values that infuse our mission, our vision and our culture: integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence and innovation.'s-division/board-of-trustees/2020/board-reports/2020_06_25_board-reportb5b1a059-d51f-4d4b-8187-065f27847ca8.pdf?sfvrsn=bf8341d3_3


The Central Michigan University Comprehensive Leadership Program Review, Assessment and Recommendations was published on Nov. 30, 2015 and became the working document for ongoing deliberation, planning, and refnement of CMU’s comprehensive approach to leadership learning., The frst steps identifed for CMU to address this lack of cohesion in leadership education were: • creating a comprehensive strategy based on its unique history; • agreeing to a unifying vision and mission for leadership learning; • establishing a common language to highlight ways of talking and learning about leadership; and • determining learning outcomes to guide the enhancement of current and the creation of new initiatives to foster leadership learning., The vision and mission of this program mentions leadership but the program design lacks complete alignment with the CCLI learning outcomes., Gathering this data helps the university better understand what students are expecting from their college experience so the university can best serve them., This initiative also values the implementation of strategic partnerships which amplifes student access while also reducing duplication of programs around campus.


CMU’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values (Evidence: Mission, Vision, Core Values) were developed through a process of shared governance and endorsed by the Academic Senate and Board of Trustees (BOT)., CMU’s Mission and Vision, along with the Strategic Priorities, are the guiding principles for all planning and budgeting., – CMU Vision Statement advancing 2016 3 Actions defne CMU’s vision, mission, strategic plan Most higher learning institutions can point to a mission statement and goals that guide their actions., At Central Michigan University, we’re proud to show you how the words of our vision and mission statements, and our strategic plan, don’t defne us., We will go from mission and core values to the planning process in January.

CMU MHA Student Handbook (9-2021)

UNIVERSITY MISSION STATEMENT At Central Michigan University, we are a community committed to the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, discovery, and creativity., -Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 6, 2012 CORE VALUES To achieve our mission, we adhere to the core values of integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence, and innovation., -Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 2, 2010 Note: Please use the following link to view the definition of mission statement core values., PROGRAM GOALS The University and the College of Health Professions (CHP) have established strategic initiatives as expressions derived from their respective Vision and Mission statements., These goals are aligned with the University’s strategic initiatives and values.


Public Service Values To achieve our mission and realize our vision, the MPA program at Central Michigan University emphasizes the following NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, & Administration) public service values., Universal Competencies To implement its mission statement, the MPA program at Central Michigan University uses the following set of NASPAA required competencies in its curriculum., PAD 622 Strategic Planning for Public/Non-Profit Organizations 11 This course is a study of strategic planning processes and documents in public and non-profit organizations. 3 Credit Hours. 655 Managing Modern Local Government This course is an overview of the major themes and issues confronting the management of local government. 3 Credit Hours., o Applying skills and concepts learned in the capstone foundational courses (listed above) to an innovation analysis for a public sector organization o Applying skills and concepts learned throughout the MPA program to an innovation analysis for a public sector organization 16 DIVERSITY, EQUITY, & INCLUSION As part of its commitment to the public sector, NASPAA public service values, the mission of Central Michigan University, and its own mission, the MPA program at Central Michigan University actively promotes the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in its courses as well as its actions., Additionally, student behaviors should conform to the public service values of the MPA program at Central Michigan University both during their time in the MPA program and throughout their subsequent career after graduation.