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Axelrod, Rise and Charles R., Suggested Course Outline: Week 1: The Classic Literature on Political Violence Week 2: Some Alternative Approaches to Understanding Political Violence Week 3: Greed and Grievance on Civil War Week 4: The Resource Curse Theory of Civil War Week 5: Ethnicity: Part I Week 6: Ethnicity, Part II Week 7: Ethnicity, Part III Week 8: Religion & Culture Week 9: Democratization Week 10: State Capacity and Opportunity Week 11: State Failure Week 12: Terrorism Week 13: Human Rights Violation & Forced Migration Week 14: Transitional Justice 3 Week 15: Reparations Week 16: Student Presentations VIII., The new UP will keep groups I, II, and III and their subgroups., Year 1: Sub-Group I and IV; Year 2: Sub-Group II and III)., But I still grade on grammar, and they know up front.