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2021 Psych Pride Newsletter

Instead, we did a great job of adapting to the new reality., She is a Psychology major and Political Science minor. year.aspx?, Quoted and noted for research on problematic gaming. (2020, March 9) Lifehacker.,, -Aging-and-Alzheimer’s-Lab-People- Research.aspx Dr., Ryan Foley - Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program thesis defended on November 20, 2020 titled: "Addictive Smartphone Use and Adolescents' Physical Health."


Moore Hall, dedicated in 1971, is home to two HD radio stations, student-run TV station MHTV, and the Townsend Kiva Theater, a theatre in the round with a capacity of 300., It houses the latest in motion-capture technology, virtual reality equipment, and custom devices developed at CMU., For purposes of this Article and this Article only, a., Article 2 PURPOSE AND INTENT 1.,  Two assignments must be at least 1,000-1,500 words (~4-6 pages double spaced), and two must be at least 1,500-2,000 words (6-8 pages double spaced)


The student newspaper, Central Michigan Life, published a kick-off article in October 2015 (Evidence: 81 CMLife article)., All web graphics linked directly to the CMU News article soliciting comment., BCA 518 Electronic News Reporting 3(2-2) Techniques of news gathering, reporting, and interviewing for electronic media., BCA 524 Producing Television News 3(1-4) A practical approach to producing news., PHL 421 Philosophy of Language 3(3-0) Study of structure of language, relations between language and reality, and interrelations among language, thought, and culture.