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For more Information visit: CMU Teacher Education Advising: 989-774-7506 or Graduation requirements: ✓ A minimum of 60 semester hours from an accredited 4-year-degree granting institution


In addition to being brief – most under 200 pages – they are well-written., Winston Publishing Co., 468 pages A historical adventure set in colonial America, portraying life on the expanding frontier., Cannon, 60 pages A lighthearted look at life’s mysteries, such as why you water the lawn to make the grass grow, just so you can cut it again., Shepherd, ’77 Sleeping Bear Press, 36 pages A children’s book that is part of the publisher’s “Count Your Way Across the U.S.A.” series., Hidden Agenda By Carol Chase Bjerke, ’76 University of Wisconsin Press, 96 pages A documentation of the author’s large-scale multifaceted art project about living with an ostomy after treatment for colorectal cancer.


University Resources Curriculum and Instructional Support Diversity Education: Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity: Encompass Employee Assistance Program:'s-division/institutional-diversity/20211005-guidelines-for-discussion-001a1a10372-73e4-431d-8292-885dde5b9323.pdf?sfvrsn=877277bb_3

Faculty Research Assistance Application 2021-2022

Funding Support Areas Funding may be used to support the cost of the following items: research equipment, (i.e. pipettes, gauze, bandages, electrodes, filters, or other expendable supplies), printing/copying, postage, chemicals/cleaning supplies, software programs or software updates (not covered by CHP or CMU), and pages charges for publication in high quality peer-reviewed scientific journal.


These are now being uploaded by the Districts and will no longer be processed through CMU. 7 For more information on Tuition Refunds, visit: for-Classroom-Teachers.aspx

Standard Information for Specialized Accreditation-2020

CMU offers academic programs at over 30 satellite locations in the United States and Canada administered through their administrative unit - Global Campus University Vison, Mission, and Core Values University Vision Statement Central Michigan University, an inclusive community of scholars, is a national leader in higher education inspiring excellence and innovation., (Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 2, 2010) 04/2020 CMU Strategic Plan: Advancing Excellence 2017-2022 Imperative I: Nurturing Student Success CMU provides a transformative education to prepare students for successful careers and fulfilling lives., Processes to Address Student Complaints and Concerns Student Ombuds Office The Student Ombuds Office works to resolve issues between students and university offices, departments, or with other individuals at the university., Complaints Regarding Discrimination or Harassment CMU has a robust process to address claims of discrimination or harassment via the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity (OCRIE)., Office of Information Technology • The Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides core services to all CMU faculty, staff, and students regardless of location - main campus, satellite location, or online


CMU’s military-friendly formats and services include:  Condensed online and face-to-face formats leading to faster degree completion  Year round classes  Nationally recognized Library Research and Instruction Services  Student support services including our Writing and Math centers  Career Services  Veterans’ Resource Center Additionally, CMU offers a deeply discounted military tuition rate, for the complete details please refer to our tuition and fees link: MOU addendum effective 28 July 2016 (original 2013), duration three years., Advanced Operations Course Curriculum Transfer (O100, O200, O300, and L200) General Administration—3 hours of concentration transfer credit Leadership—3 hours of concentration transfer credit All other concentrations—3 hours of transfer credit to be used as a cognate For More Information Web site:, CST Center info:, site=FTLEA Military Transfer Credit info:


Additional details regarding benefit status changes can be found on the Human Resources website:'s-division/general-counsel/administrative-policy-docs/4/p04019218b6dee-b535-4b13-930e-0283643f8752.pdf?sfvrsn=2882cca7_3