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Workers' Compensation Leave

  • If you have a possible work related injury simply call the Workers' Compensation Office at 989-774-7177 any time, day or night, to report an incident. The Workers' Compensation Office will complete the necessary paperwork for you.
  • In the event that your work-related injury results in your CMU authorized medical care provider taking you off work for 7 consecutive days or more, please be advised that you will be taken off of CMU's payroll as of the eighth day you are off work. Your benefits will continue, however; you may be responsible for paying your employee contribution amounts depending on your benefit package, union contract and the length of time you are off work.
  • Any time you are off for a work-related injury it is also counted as Family Medical Leave time (if you are eligible) and will be recorded as such by the person processing your payroll.
  • If your claim is approved, you will receive workers' compensation lost wage payments from Eagle Claims Management. These payments will not totally replace your wages but they are not taxable. Once your physician has released you to either unrestricted work or restricted work that your supervisor is able to accommodate, you will be reinstated on CMU payroll.
  • It is very important to maintain communication with the Workers' Compensation Office during the time you are off work so that you keep us informed after each physician appointment and get any questions or concerns you may have answered promptly.

For more information, see the workers' compensation website or contact the Workers' Compensation Office at 989-774-7177.

    Workers' compensation law states that a person must be taken off work by an employer approved physician for a minimum length of time before they are eligible to receive wage loss benefits.

    Workers' compensation payments are not meant to totally replace lost wages, but rather to help ensure a person does not go completely without financial support in the event they are unable to work. Payments are computed using a person's prior year's earnings and work compensation payment tables for the State of Michigan.

    Michigan employers may direct injured workers to a treating physician or medical facility of the employer's choice for the first 28 days of care following the injury or illness.  If you choose to seek treatment with your own health care provider, your insurance carrier may refuse to pay for the work-related services leaving you responsible for full payment.  After the first 28 days of medical care, you may choose your own treating physician, but must provide the doctor's name to the CMU Workers' Compensation Office at 774-7177 prior to seeking treatment.