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University Ombuds Office

The University Ombuds is an organizational ombuds who functions as a designated neutral for students, staff, faculty, and other university affiliates.  Visitors can expect to be welcomed into a safe space in which to speak openly of any university-related concern, difficulty, conflict, or uncertainty they are experiencing.  

The Ombuds will work with visitors to provide confidential*, informal, impartial, and independent assistance in:

  • Identifying viable options, appropriate resources, and relevant policy/process to consider should they seek resolution or remedy.
  • Resolving interpersonal disputes or better understanding differences.  When all parties voluntarily seek to do so, facilitated dialogue or informal mediation may be appropriate.
  • Exploring matters of concern with a thought-partner, positioned to help consider possibilities and potential outcomes.
  • Capacity-building for visitors who want to communicate concerns - directly and more effectively - with colleagues, peers, and supervisors.

*Exceptions to confidentiality: perception of either an imminent threat or sexual/gender-based misconduct.

Mission statement

The Central Michigan University Ombudsperson serves the institution in accordance with its core values of integrity, respect, compassion, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence, and innovation by welcoming students, staff, and faculty into a confidential space for discussion regarding university-related matters of concern. The Ombuds assists in opening avenues of communication for those in pursuit of resolution and in promoting fair and equitable treatment for all members of the CMU community.