Faculty Tutorials

Training Offerings

​Training sessions for Blackboard and related technologies are offered throughout the year by the LMS Instructional Support Team, a unit of CMU's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Please visit the calendar ​for session and registration information.

       "I really appreciate the insights offered in the training session last week.  It resolved several problems I knew I had and some that I didn't know I had.  That works for me and it is making this evening's session even better for my class." --Bob Weltzer, PhD, Temporary Faculty, Global Campus (2014)

Self-Paced Blackboard Fundamentals Training

In addition to the tutorials and offerings mentioned above, a self-paced Blackboard training shell is available, which offers faculty the opportunity to learn the capabilities of Blackboard and ways to implement those skills within their own classrooms. Faculty can auto enroll in the training shell by clicking here.

ACCESS NOTE: Access to CMU's Blackboard system documentation is accomplished with a valid CMU Global ID and password. External entities or individuals wishing to access CMU's Blackboard documentation are encouraged to contact the OIT Help Desk for a guest account and password. Documentation may be downloaded and re-posted provided that no changes are made to th​e original documents and that an appropriate statement of credit is also listed including a hyperlink to this web site (www.cmich.edu/blackboard) and Central Michigan University's home page ( www.cmich.edu). Further, we ask that you please send us an email​ to let us know who and how far our efforts have reached and how they have impacted your organization.​​​​​​​​​