Faculty Tutorials

Training Offerings

​Training sessions for Blackboard and related technologies are offered throughout the year by the LSS Instructional Support Team, a unit of Instructional Development in the Office of Curriculum and Instructional Support. Please visit the calendar ​for session and registration information.

   Self-Paced Blackboard Fundamentals Training

In addition to the tutorials and offerings mentioned above, a self-paced Blackboard training shell is available, which offers faculty the opportunity to learn the capabilities of Blackboard and ways to implement those skills within their own classrooms. 
The training occurs in four modules; each module ends with a competency based quiz. All four module quizzes must be completed with an overall passing score of 90% or higher to complete the workshop.

  • Module 1 provides an overview of the Blackboard system at CMU and the features necessary to begin navigating/using Blackboard’s course menu and control panel.  
  • Module 2 addresses adding/organizing and managing various types of course content and course features.
  • Module 3 addresses the use of evaluations (assignments, exams, safeassignments) and the use of Blackboard’s grade center.
  • Module 4 addresses additional features, such as communication tools, groups, course reports, etc.  Also covered are the processes necessary to re-use content from term to term: course copy/import/export.

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Self-Paced Designing eLearning Workshop

The Designing eLearning Workshop provides insight on how to create an effective online course.  Participants will see various ways to structure an online class, understand how to present content to increase readership and interaction, learn methods for creating engaging videos, and be exposed to a variety of learning activity examples for online teaching and learning.  The workshop is ideal for those who have never developed an online course but may also provide a ‘veteran’ developer a few new insights and tricks!

The workshop is self-paced and will serve as a helpful resource while developing an online course.

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Self-Paced Online Teaching Experience 

Adjunct Faculty wishing to teach online courses for Central Michigan University must successfully complete the Self-Paced Online Teaching Experience training available within Blackboard. Prior to participating in this workshop or concurrently, the faculty member must have already completed the Self-Paced Fundamentals of Blackboard training (as shown above). This training requires access to Microsoft Office, email, stable Internet connectivity and use common web browsers.

The training occurs in four modules with embedded materials; each module ends with a competency based quiz. Each instructor will need to pass all quizzes to successfully complete this workshop. The objectives of this workshop are as follows:
•         Understand the role of eLearning and Academic Development in supporting faculty.
•         Understand University expectations, policies and procedures.
•         Understand the value of online classroom facilitation and time management techniques.
•         Understand what student support services exist and when to refer students to these resources.
The purpose of the training is to prepare adjunct faculty to succeed as online educators.