Wimba Troubleshooting

General Tips

  • Use a high-speed Internet connection.
  • Use a wired connection rather than wireless.
  • If a headset is to be used, ensure that it is a USB headset.
  • If a built-in (laptop) microphone is being used, avoid using Lock Talk and ensure that the Talk button is not being held down when it is not needed. This can frequenly cause a feedback look and produce an echo when others are talking.
  • Use a compatible browser.
  • Run the setup wizard before entering the classroom for the first time on any computer.
  • If a connection cannot be established to the classroom and techincal support cannot be engaged before the start of the session, use the phone simulcast number to dial into the chat. Please note that long distance charges may apply.
  • Report all technical issues to the OIT Help Desk.

Common Error Messages

  • Error 290: Fatal Audio Library Error - This error commonly occurs when using a computer with an integrated RealTek audio card. A resolution is documented here. A USB headset may also be used to bypass the issue.
  • Error on Page - This error is most common when using Internet Explorer and is the result of the browser's mixed content setting. A resolution is document here.
  • JSecureDoor Error - This issue is likely caused by the presence of multiple JAVA versions on the computer being used to access Wimba. Uninstalling all JAVA versions and installing the most recent version usually resolves the issue. JAVA can be downloaded from http://www.java.com.

General Troubleshooting

  • Restart computer. A lot of odd computer behavior can often be resolved by a simple restart.
  • Run the setup wizard as the first troubleshooting step.
  • Disable pop-up blockers or add Wimba to an exceptions list.
  • Check for and remove multiple Java versions. Click here for more information.
  • Clear your Cache Files and check the Cache Settings. Click here for more information.

Audio Troubleshooting

  • If audio cannot be heard:
    • Ensure that the Wimba Classroom has fully loaded.
    • Verify that a connection has been established by looking at the status bars in the Netstats area (below)
    • Try using the Reconnect Media option by clicking Options followed by Reconnect Media. 
    • If problems persist, use the phone simulcast option as a work-around until the OIT Help Desk can be contacted.
    Gray Bars indicate that no connection has been established
    A red bar indicates a poor connection
    Green bars indicate a good connection has been established

    Gray Bars 

    Red Bars  

    Green Bars 

        • If audio cannot be transmitted using a microphone:
          • Ensure that speaking privileges have been given to participants. This can be confirmed by the presence of a plus sign in the speaking privileges columns of the participant list. A minus sign indicates that speaking privileges​ have been disabled.
          • Ensure that Wimba has connected fully by viewing the connection status in the Netstas area. Try using the Reconnect Media option by clicking on Options followed by Reconnect Media.
          • Ensure that the headset is plugged in correctly and that it is selected as the sound input device.
          • Ensure that the microphone is not muted.
          • If problem persist, use the phone simulcast option as a work-around until the OIT Help Desk can be contacted.