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Diversity and Inclusion

Study abroad is an incredible opportunity to grow academically and personally while at Central Michigan University. Traveling and learning abroad is possible for all students, and the Office of Study Abroad is committed to serve CMU's diverse student body regardless of your identity or background.

Your Study Abroad advisors are always ready to assist you. Please explore the resources below. Explore this Diversity Guide to learn more about how your identity may be impacted during your experience abroad.

A diverse group of students studying abroad pose for a picture in South Africa.

  • Explore this Diversity Guide to learn more about how your identity may be impacted during your experience abroad. Diversity Abroad also has articles and tips to help you on your journey
  • AllAbroad has helpful information for finding funding, programs, and answers to your questions about diversity
  • Learn more about Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Abroad through theISEP Study Abroad Resources
  • Get information about student diversity and access through IIES Abroad's online guide
  • When traveling abroad, you could encounter attitudes and laws regarding LGBTQ individuals that vary greatly from what you experience in the U.S. Learning as much as possible before you leave will help to prepare you for your study abroad experience. Your Study Abroad advisor is happy to help you plan for your program.


    Our core mission is to foster intercultural understanding at home and in a larger global context. We are committed to providing equitable services to all students, and to increase student of color participation in all study abroad opportunities.

  • The Center for Student Inclusion and Diversity houses different offices, programs, and resources for students at CMU.
  • Diversity Abroad is a comprehensive website committed to assisting students of all races and ethnicities to go abroad. Diversity Abroad also has scholarships available.
  • Open Doors completes an annual report that includes national data on study abroad participation among students of color. Search under Data Tables for information on US students studying abroad
  • PLATO: Project providing resources, scholarships and tips to historically underrepresented students in study abroad
  • The University of North Carolina at Wilmington introducing resources for multi-racial and multi-ethnic individuals
  • Being a first-generation students doesn't mean you can't study abroad! Meet with an advisor to learn about the opportunities available to help you accomplish your study abroad goals.

    Sometimes travel as a woman can be an intimidating thing. Check out these resources to help you feel safe and confident in your travels.

  • The SAFETI Projectoffers safety information for women abroad.
  • Read more about women abroad from the Diversity Abroad website.
  • U.S. Department of State's health, safety and security advice for women.
  • At Central Michigan University we are determined to help all students to study abroad! Your Study Abroad Advisor will work to help you find a program with the accessibility you need.

    Feel like you may not be the "traditional" study abroad student? Not a problem! Your advisor will tell you that there isn't really a "traditional" study abroad student or experience. We are here to help you have a study abroad experience that is unique to your needs as a student.