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Congratulations, graduates!

June is here and full of graduation ceremonies and open houses. Congratulations to all graduating seniors! You dealt with situations no one would have imagined possible when you started high school four years ago. You did it. You should be very proud of all you’ve accomplished.

What comes next after high school graduation?

Orientation is the next big step on your path to starting college this fall. Many of you have signed up and some of you may have already been to campus and registered for classes. If you haven’t scheduled your orientation date yet, take your next steps now. Freshmen can find their next steps here. Students transferring in can find their next steps here

During May, you should have completed your housing selection requesting which residence hall you want to live in. If you didn’t get your first-choice housing, you can still sign up on the wishlist for your preferred residence hall between 9 a.m. on Monday, June 6, to midnight on Friday, June 17. You must already have a housing assignment to use the wishlist and will be contacted by phone if it’s possible to fulfill your request. 

If you have any questions about housing, you can contact the Office of Residence Life at or 989-774-3111. 

What are some CMU students doing now that they graduated?

You may have seen LaDyra Lyte’s graduation on “Good Morning America.” Not only did the fashion, interior design and merchandising major receive permission from President Davies to create her own graduation gown, but her brother, Army SPC LaDaryl Lyte, surprised her at the event. Now that she’s graduated, she plans to start promoting her own fashion line.

Morgan Bennett started working at RSI Logistics in Lansing before she graduated in May with her degree in logistics management. 

Stellantis, formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, usually doesn’t offer students right out of college an area sales manager position, but that’s just what happened to Nicole Clawson who earned her BSBA in marketing. 

Kevin Bautista-Mancilla became involved in many leadership organizations on campus. This highly motivated student, graduated with a position at Target as an executive team leader in services and engagement promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Chase Bender earned his accelerated bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics. Thanks to the mentorship of several of his professors, he overcame a rocky sophomore year and reignited his love of mathematics. Now, he’ll be heading off this fall to a full graduate assistantship as he works on his Ph.D. at Notre Dame. 

And these aren’t isolated cases. Two out of three CMU students walking across the stage at graduation have a job offer in their field or are planning on pursuing a graduate degree. Within six months of graduation nine out of ten graduates are in a career related to their major or pursuing an advanced degree.

In just four short years you can be doing the same thing. 

Be sure to start out fired up to succeed by taking part in Leadership Safari and IMPACT. The registration is open here. 

Have a wonderful summer and keep up with your next steps.

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