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You ask, we answer

We’re well into July now and the school year is coming fast. So are your questions! I’ve gathered the answers to some of your frequently asked questions. 

Can freshmen have cars on campus? Where can they park?

Yes! Freshmen can have cars on campus. This year, we are using a new 100% digital parking permit system across campus that is based on license plate recognition technology, no more tags or stickers. In August, you’ll be able to register here for your permit. Freshmen park in lots 63 and 70 on the south end of campus. There are specific rules and regulations for freshman parking. Be sure to look them over before deciding to bring a car to campus. 

Can I change my meal plan?

Yes, you can. You can make meal plan changes by logging back into your housing application.

Can I make changes to my class schedule?

Yes, your class schedule can be changed through the first week of classes with no financial penalty. It is always best to connect with your academic advisor before you make any schedule changes. They can let you know how the change will affect your overall program plan.

Is there still time to sign up for Leadership Safari and IMPACT?

Right now, there are still a few spots open for Leadership Safari. There is a cap to the number of students who can attend this flagship event for incoming students. The last day to register is Aug. 5 unless the limit is reached before that date.

IMPACT is at its limit right now, but there is a waitlist. You can sign up here for the waitlist, and if there are any cancellations, you will be notified by email. 

Are rice cookers, air fryers, refrigerators and microwaves allowed in residence halls? 

Rice cookers and air fryers are allowed if you use them in the kitchenette on your floor and not in your room. rents CMU-approved microwave/freezer/refrigerator combination units. If you’re interested, you can preorder now through July 28, save a bit of money and be able to pick up your unit on your check-in day.

What is included in a residence hall room? What should I bring?

Be sure to check out our list of room contents and suggested things to pack. Bedding sizes are included here. It also has some great advice, like:
  • Make a list of the make, model and serial number of anything you bring with a value of over $100.
  • Bring your social security card if you plan to work on campus.
  • Register your bike with CMUPD.

Do you have to register your bicycle?

Yes, but it’s free and you can register your bike online. Unregistered bikes will be impounded.

I’m looking forward to studying abroad. How do I find the right program for me?

It’s never too early to start planning. With 150 study abroad programs in 50 countries there’s a lot of choices. Be sure to attend one of the Study Abroad 101 sessions that will begin this fall semester. You’ll meet with an advisor who can answer your questions. For now, you can see what’s available and search the list of study abroad programs by several criteria including location and subject.  

Can I still apply, get accepted and start my classes in August?

Yes, you can still apply and there’s time to get accepted and start on time this fall. Classes fill up quickly, so the sooner you are admitted the better chance you have of getting the ones you want. If you’re admitted the week prior to the start of fall semester, we’ll work with you individually to complete orientation, advising and registration for your classes.

 Stay Fired Up for fall!

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