A student whose eligibility to enroll (matriculation) has been canceled for academic reasons may apply for rematriculation to the Committee on Rematriculation. Students who have been suspended (applies only to first semester freshmen or transfers) may apply for immediate rematriculation. Normally, petitions for rematriculation for students who have been dismissed will not be considered until 12 months after the student has been dismissed.

A student who has been dismissed twice will be rematriculated only under extraordinary circumstances and then not until 24 months after the student's second dismissal.

Students should plan to return for fall or summer sessions as readmittance into the University for spring semester creates course scheduling difficulties for the student.

Permission to return is not automatic, but is based upon the merits of each case. Students may be expected to show academic improvement at the community college level. Students will be expected to show solutions to the difficulties that prevented them from achieving academic competence.

A written application, payment of the rematriculation application fee, and a personal interview are required. Supporting documents may also be requested. Applications may be obtained from the Academic Advising and Assistance Office. Completed applications and the receipt for payment of the Rematriculation Application Fee should be submitted at the time of the personal interview. The fee may be paid at the Student Service Court in the Bovee University Center.  Interviews for students seeking to return for the Fall semester will be held in May and June; interviews for students seeking to return for Summer semester will be held in April. Last minute interviews are not conducted.​

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