Courses may be dropped through Course Search and Registration according to the criteria below:

Main Campus Courses:

Courses may be dropped up until 11:59 pm on Friday of the first week of classes or prior to the second meeting time for once a week classes.

Global Campus Courses:

A Drop occurs prior to the course start or prior to the second meeting time for face-to-face classes or prior to the second week for CMU Online classes

Removal from a course after drop deadline

Removing oneself from a course after the drop deadline will result in a withdrawal. Please refer to the University's Withdrawal Policy

Appeals for exceptions to the drop deadline may be considered through the submission of the Drop Appeal Form


  • Failure to officially drop classes does not cancel the student's responsibility to pay for them.
  • Non-attendance of a course is not a basis for cancellation of fees.

Questions Regarding Dropping a Course Should be Referred to:

  • Registrar's Office, Warriner 212, 774-3261​​​​​