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Frequently Asked Questions about Title IX Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy

    You may speak confidentially to the following resources on campus about your experience or concerns about sexual and gender-based misconduct. Confidential resources are under no obligation to share your concerns with the Title IX Coordinator.

    • CMU Counseling Center | 989-774-3381
    • CMU Care Advocate
    • CMU Sexual Aggression Peer Advocates (SAPA) | 989-774-2255
    • Sexual Aggression Services | 989-774-6677
    • CMU's Employee Assistance Program | 800-788-8630
    • Health care providers, including medical professionals at CMU's Student Health Services, provide related healthcare services
    • Members of the clergy providing related clerical or spiritual guidance

    No, you do not have to choose one or the other. You have the right to pursue charges or file a concurrent complaint with local law enforcement or any other state or federal agency, whether or not you pursue a complaint through CMU.

    If you want your concern investigated by C​MU, contact Mary Martinez, Title IX Coordinator and Executive Director of the Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity at 989-774-3253.

    CMU's Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct Policy prohibits dating violence, domestic violence, and interpersonal violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, stalking, and retaliation.​​​

    If you want your concern investigated by the police, you should contact the CMU Police Department or the local police by dialing 911.

    An individual who, when they are notified of any sexual and gender-based misconduct, is required to immediately report the information to the Title IX Coordinator or designee. Designated Officials include, but are not limited to:

    • Senior Officers;
    • Athletic Coaches, Trainers, Staff, and Volunteers;
    • CMUPD Employees;
    • Professional and Administrative Staff;
    • Academic Department Chairs;
    • Resident Hall Directors and residence life paraprofessional staff;
    • Peer Advisors and other Residential College staff.

    Additionally, all supervisors have a responsibility to report allegations or observations of employees engaging in sexual and gender-based misconduct.

    Yes, all instances of sexual and gender-based misconduct involving a CMU student, faculty, staff member, or guest, whether they occur on or off-campus, must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator as soon as possible.

    The Title IX Coordinator will coordinate supportive measures including, but not limited to: no-contact orders, residential reassignments, changes to academic assignments, counseling, or emergency removal.​

    The CMU Office of Student Conduct will not pursue alcohol or drug charges against students reporting incidents of sexual and gender-based misconduct in good faith.

    The CMUPD has a practice of not pursuing charges for improper use of alcohol against a person subjected to an alleged act of sexual and gender-based misconduct.