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Academic Senate Appointed Committees and Councils

The Academic Senate of Central Michigan University recognizes the importance of enabling and supporting its members to serve our mission in the pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, discovery, and creativity. Much of the work of the Senate takes place through a network of committees and councils. The Senate is indebted to the many faculty, students, and administrators whose efforts have been responsible for the Senate’s success.
Areas of interest in this section include:

Committee on Committees(CMICH Login Required) An important body of the Academic Senate, the Committee on Committees provides structural oversight on all other Senate-appointed committees to ensure continuity and compliance.  This folder contains important information including the Faculty Committee Nomination Form; Student Committee Nomination Form, and additional resources to assist in becoming a member of a Senate-appointed committee or council.

Senate Review Committees(CMICH Login Required) Resources and materials from the four university-wide curriculum review bodies appointed by the Academic Senate, specifically the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC), the Graduate Committee (GC), the Professional Education Curriculum Committee (PECC), and the General Education Committee (GEC). Also included here is the Assessment Council due to its critical role in the approval of new programs.

College Curriculum Committees: (CMICH Login Required) Minutes of the College Curricular Committees (CCC), the Quality Assurance Systems Committee (QASC) and a template for use in creating committee minutes.

Shared Governance and Communications Committee: Committee’s charge, reports, minutes, and opportunities for CMU community input.

Other Academic Standing Committees and Elected Committees: (CMICH Login Required) This folder contains resources of the Academic Senate’s other active committees and retired/on-hiatus committees, including records, membership, and historical information.